Sasaki to Miyano Spin-off ‘Hirano to Kagiura’ Anime Adaptation: Will It Happen?

Hirano to Kagiura

BL is a genre that has been in demand for some time now, and thus, we are getting new media on various platforms related to it. Recently, we have been given the adaptation of the manga Sasaki to Miyano (Sasaki and Miyano). This manga focuses on the relationship of a high schooler named Miyano and his senior friend Sasaki. This manga is considered to be one of the “fluffiest” manga from the BL genre. It has gained popularity not only for its storyline but also for the way the characters are written. These characters have certain character development which resonates with most of the viewers. Not only this, but the anime adaptation beautifully enhances the fuzzy feelings one feels when reading the manga.

It is because of these aspects it is given that once the anime ends, fans will be left wanting more of it. Thanks to the author of the manga, Harusono Sho, we not only have this manga continuing but also have a spin-off with the name “Hirano to Kagiura”. Will this spin-off get an anime? Let’s find out.

Sasaki and Miyano’s spin off “Hirano and Kagiura”

The manga readers, as well as the anime watchers, have been introduced to Hirano from the very first chapter/episode of the series. Initially, anybody would think of Hirano as Sasaki’s “rival” when it comes to Miyano. However, as we keep on getting familiar with this character, we realize that Hirano is a very protective senpai and almost acts as an older brother to Miyano. He is also a good friend of Sasaki.

Besides this, from the very beginning, it is hinted that there is another character that may or may not be in a relationship with Hirano. This character is his roommate, Kagiura. Miyano is even seen teasing Hirano with his roommate’s name and even emphasizes the point that “roommates to lovers” is a good setting in BL.


Well, Miyano was right in every way. The spin-off mentioned above mainly focuses on the relationship development of these two characters. As Sasaki and Miyano develop their relationship, “Hirano to Kagiura” introduces us to the interactions between Hirano and his roommate Kagiura.

From Supporting Characters to Main: Hirano and Kagiura

Although Hirano’s character was introduced to us at the start, Kagiura’s character was kind of mysterious to us. All we knew about him was that he plays basketball and is Hirano’s junior roommate. On that note, let us look into these two characters.

L-R: Hirano and Kagiura

Hirano Taiga

Hirano is one of the main characters in the series. We are first introduced to him only through his voice, as Miyano calls him for help after coming across a case of bullying. We are officially introduced to him when he is shown to be concerned about Sasaki visiting Miyano very often. He is very reliable and often very blunt with his words, never afraid to say things as it is. Overall, he is also a supportive and caring friend. However, the only thing that is upsetting is his lack of understanding of his own feelings and that of Kagiura. Thus, he always brushes off any topics regarding the relationship they share.

Kagiura Akira

Kagiura is a year younger than Hirano, making the latter take care of him in endearing ways. However, it took some time for Kagiura to get comfortable around his intimidating roommate. Eventually, he realizes his feelings for his Hirano, which even makes him consider marrying him someday. Kagiura is probably one of the best boys in the series. He is very open about the things he loves. Since he enjoys basketball, he also is passionate about it, causing him to become really sad when his team loses. Kagiura realizes his feelings for Hirano and even attempts to confess, only to fail. Yet, the relationship they two share is slowly blooming as the story progresses.

Will this Spin-Off get an anime?

Unfortunately, no. There has been no news yet regarding an anime adaptation of this spin-off. However, in January 2021, a Drama CD was released based on a part of their manga. Considering this as well as how much the series Sasaki to Miyano is loved by fans, we can expect an anime adaptation from the same studio.

Till then, you can watch Sasaki to Miyano on platforms like Funimation as well as on Ani-One’s YouTube Channel.

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