Sasaki and Miyano Episode 5: Is Miyano Reciprocating Sasaki’s feelings?

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Sasaki and Miyano Episode 5
Miyano is blushing

Sasaki to Miyano is a BL anime adapted from a manga. The manga is pretty famous among fujoshi and fudanshi folk. The anime recently aired its 4th episode. Miyano is a cute high school student who has a secret interest in reading BL mangas. With a turn in events, Miyano somehow ended up lending his mangas to a senior in his school called Sasaki. Miyano starts to warm up to him as Sasaki is a good listener and open-minded about him reading BL manga.

Miyano finds Sasaki to be a cool senior. However, as they get closer Sasaki falls for his junior. Seeing him simp over Miyano is really cute. In episode 3, Miyano was sleeping on the train when Sasaki confessed his feelings. Miyano wasn’t actually sleeping, and he kept calm. The boys have lovely chemistry, and the viewers will see how their characters develop and whether they fall for each other or not. Whether they get together or not, they will surely make the viewer’s day better by bringing a smile to their faces.

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Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5: Release Date

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5 will be released on 6th February 2022. The episode will be titled “Bit by Bit”. In this episode, there is going to be more relationship development for Sasaki and Miyano. Both of them currently seem to like each other. On one hand, Miyano doesn’t want to actually admit he likes Sasaki and ends up thinking of Sasaki in BL terms and letting his imagination run wild.

Sasaki and Miyano Episode 5
Miyano pushes Sasaki to the wall

On the other hand, Sasaki wonders how long he would be able to control himself before he gets swayed away by his strong romantic feelings for Miyano. Sasaki and Miyano are slowly starting to realize their feelings for each other. There is no official preview yet though, as usual.

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Sasaki To Miyano: Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 “Limit” was released on 30th January 2020. The episode starts where Miyano and the other students are returning to school after a vacation. Miyano gets surprised to hear from his friend that Sasaki worked in a café during the vacation. Now, Miyano starts to wonder that he really doesn’t know much about Sasaki and her personal life.

Miyano meets Sasaki on the train to school, on a rainy morning. Miyano is reading a novel, which Sasaki takes and starts to read. He complains that Sasaki shouldn’t read it, because it’s a BL novel, and reading it in public is something that only a normie could do. When they reach the station and are walking towards the school, Sasaki sees a Cherry Blossom flower on Miyano’s head. He softly picks it out and clenches it in his hand, savoring the touch.

Sasaki and Miyano Episode 5
Sasaki took Miyano’s novel

Miyano slowly starts to realize that he might be falling in love with Sasaki. Thinking of Sasaki made his heartache. He thinks that he’s not gay because he used to like a girl in junior high school. All these thoughts overwhelm him and he’s blushing from them. He can’t fully accept his feelings yet, because he tells Sasaki’s friend Jiro that he doesn’t like guys. However, there is development and Miyano is surely understanding that he’s getting sparkles from Sasaki.

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Does Miyano like Sasaki?

Sasaki and Miyano have a talk about BL couples, and how Miyano always thought that black-haired guy is the uke. He slowly realizes that the body structure doesn’t matter in the matter of Seme or Uke. He starts to think what if he is Sasaki’s Seme. This thought makes him panic and throw his pillow on the manga.

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Sasaki and Miyano Episode 5
Sasaki looks at Miyano with lovey-dovey eyes

During talking to Miyano, Jiro played down his true feelings that his girlfriend is a fujoshi and she always thought of Jiro as a uke. Miyano reassures him that dating life and fangirl/fanboy life is entirely different. Jiro understands this and as thanks, he extends his hand to ruffle Miyano’s head. Sasaki sees this from afar and jumps jealously on Miyano so that any other guy couldn’t touch him. This moment is really cute! Also, there is another scene where Miyano pushes Sasaki into the wall, and Sasaki keeps getting flustered. Miyano and Sasaki, both seem to be quite whipped at each other at this point.

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Where to watch Sasaki to Miyano?

Sasaki to Miyano will be released on Monday, 7th February 2022 at 00:00 (Hong Kong, Taiwan) UTC+8 and GMT+8 on the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel for most of the Asian countries and Funimation for international viewers.

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