SAO: Sword Art Online Season 3 Episode 1 – The Underworld

After a long wait, the third season of Sword Art Online is finally coming this October 7. A new game and a new life, it seems like Kirito won’t be leaving the Full Dive world soon. Trapped in yet another game, how will Kirito survive in a strange yet familiar Underworld? Here’s everything we know so far in Sword Art Online: Alicization episode 1.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 1 – Another World

In this new season, Kirito will have a part-time job where he is a beta tester for a 4th-Gen FullDive game called the Underworld. All that he needed to do is to test the device, which is made by a shady corporation called Rath. In his first stay inside the game, he was an 11-year old woodcutter with his childhood friend Eugeo. Their task is to cut a giant Gigas Cedar daily, a task which is expected to be accomplished for 900 years more.  They have another female friend named Alice who is the daughter of the chief’s village.

To prevent the village food to spoil, they had to find ice from Mountain Range At The Edge. The three will go inside the cave and will find a sword called Blue Rose Sword. But no one can wield it, that’s why they left the sword behind. After successfully getting ice, they lost their way trying to get out of the cave. They reached the Dark Territory and Alice accidentally touched the dark soil, which is a forbidden thing to do. In the next day, she was taken away by the Integrity Knight.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 1 – Back To The Real World

After the test, Kirito met with Asuna and Shino in the Dicey Cafe. They talked about things, with Kirito explaining the nature of his part-time job to them and how he will not do it for a longer time necessary. He will also reveal that right after the test; he cannot remember the Underworld because the memory from the testing was erased.  As he and Asuna are going home, Johnny Black was revealed to be stalking them. Kirito and Johnny Black will fight, but the latter will successfully inject a lethal dose of succinylcholine to the former.

While Kirito is being transported to the hospital, he was stolen from the ambulance. Kirito will then find himself awake and will be greeted by Eugeo. He was back again to the Underworld, and he couldn’t seem to log out. That’s it for Sword Art Online: Alicization episode 1. Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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