SAO Season 3 Episode 6 – Project Alicization

In the previous episode of SAO Season 3, Asuna and co. learned that Kirito is being held inside a high-tech facility in the middle of the ocean: the Ocean Turtle. Kikuoka is currently the one who is involved in this kidnapping and experimentation. In SAO Season 3 episode 6, we will know the truth behind the Soul Translators and why Kirito was kidnapped by Rath.

SAO Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers

Asuna managed to convince Koujiro to help her infiltrate the Ocean Turtle to know what happened to Kirito. Upon revealing her identity, Kikuoka was shocked to learn that their secret was learned by a civilian. Left with no choice, he will explain what Soul Translators are for in SAO Season 3 episode 6.

But first of all, Kikuoka will reveal that Kirito’s brain was severely damaged due to the decrease of oxygen from the stoppage of the blood pumping through his body. Rath is not trying to harm Kirito, but instead, heal him using the Soul Translator. But wait, there’s more. They are not just trying to heal Kirito, but he is being experimented to actually build a highly adaptive artificial intelligence by duplicating souls and growing them in an accelerated environment.  These artificial souls will be used to replace soldiers in the battle.

Since the time inside the Soul Translator is 1,000 times faster, an hour in real life would be 41 days in the Underworld. Because of this, it will be revealed that it has been five months since Kirito and Eugeo left the small village and went to Zakkaria. In SAO Season 3 episode 6, we might get the Zakkaria Sword Arts Tournament.

If Eugeo and Kirito will win the Tournament, they will be given a chance to enroll to the Sword Mastery Academy, which will be their stepping stone to the Central Cathedral in order to rescue Alice. A new adventure awaits them, but what will Asuna do in the Ocean Turtle? Will she approve Kirito’s treatment? Let’s find out in SAO Season 3 episode 6.

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