SAO Director Working On ‘Hello World’ Anime Film

Sword Art Online has made quite a make for itself, and it wouldn’t be possible without the staff and cast working on it. The role of a director is very important in any series, and Sword Art Online’s success is partly due to the work of Tomohiko Ito (Sword Art Online franchise). Tomohiko along with the rest of the staff ensured that the series would continue to soar regarding quality and popularity.

Tomohiko Ito has also worked on ERASED as well. It was another brilliant anime which was thoroughly enjoyable. Ito’s work is that of great quality, and it was recently announced that he is directing an original anime film project titled Hello World. It is set for release next fall at the studio Graphinica(Expelled from Paradise). Mado Nozaki(Babylon novel series, KADO – The Right Answer) is working on the screenplay, and Yukiko Horiguchi (K-ON!, Lucky Star, Tamako Love Story) is designing the characters.

Hello Word Anime Film
Hello Word Anime Film

The Anime! Anime! the website describes the project as an “innovative yet traditional science-fiction love story.” Tomohiko Ito has vowed to give his best while working on the movie. He hasn’t revealed anything besides the title of the movie. He also asked the fans to look forward to it.

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