Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 5: What is Ukoku Planning?

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin ep 5
Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 5: What is Ukoku Planning?

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin is one of those anime series that have given joy to those youth who were kids back in the day. Many have looked forward to this series for a very long time. The year has been giving us many new and old-new things that have been looked forward to. Aired on 6 January 2022, Saiyuki Reload Zeroin is a series full of action, and fans are looking forward to Episode 5.

The series is of supernatural, fantasy, shounen, action, and adventure genres. Saiyuki Reload Zeroin, directed by Misato Takada, follows the story of humans and yokai. The series’ plot, consisting of youkai, makes fans reluctant to leave the show. The land of Togenkyo, a peaceful land, after hundred of years was disturbed. The God of War, Nataku Taishi, once defeated the Greatest Youkai, Gyumaoh and sealed him by a combination of magic. However, not all accept the same concept of peace. Some men appeared and tried to revive Gyumaoh, who was basically sealed for 500 years now. To bring back peace in the land of Togenkyo, Kanzeon Bosatsu sends Son Goku, Genjo Sanjo, Sha Gojyo, and Cho Hakkai. The four are sent to the west to prevent the rise of Gyumaoh.

With such an intriguing plot, Saiyuki Reload Zeroin is much awaited by many fans. The series has released four episodes as of yet, so when will the fifth episode get released?

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Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 5 Preview

The fourth episode, titled ‘Choice,’ appears to have the Sanzo group stopped in a city that couldn’t be entered by demons due to a barrier that was made by Lord Soushin. As Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai were enjoying the bustling of the city, they fell right into a trap.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin ep 5
Sanzo fell into a trap and was attacked, in Saiyuki Reload Zeroin episode 4

While Sanzo was being surrounded, Goku and the others lost consciousness when the ‘rare demonic child from the mountains’ spread its wings. Sanzo could tell that this time it’s different. He fought back and defeated the attackers and came back to Goku, who was now being surrounded by the followers of the so-called fake clerk, according to Gojyo.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin ep 5
Sanzo, after defeating his attackers, came back to where Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai was

How will Goku react after Sanzo was harmed? Will he snap and excite fans, as he always does? When Ukoku shared that ‘Seiten Taisei has golden eyes,’ with Hazel, did he mean Son Goku? Son Goku is Seiten Taisei? Or is Seiten Taisei Son Goku? Which is it? The 5th episode may or may not reveal the truth, but fans have been waiting for more of Goku’s actions. But, when will it be released?

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Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 5 Release Date

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 5 will be released on 3 February 2022. The series first aired on 6 January 2022 and premieres every episode on Thursdays, after a one-week gap.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin ep 5
Dr. Ni Jianyi, also known as Ukoku Sanzo, in episode 4

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Fan Review of Saiyuki Reload Zeroin

There is a flood of comments by people who say they are in their late 20’s now, sharing their childhood memories of Saiyuki Reload. Many fans are aware that this anime series has long been released. The newer version, or say the reboot, has taken many fans to the path of joy. They are happy to know that their all-time favorite anime series came back to them, once again.

Though some say the scenes have been modified way too much, they still love it. The recent episodes have made fans crazy. They love Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai, and Sanzo. Some even say they are waiting for Goku to snap again, so his limiter breaks, just like in season one. Some think that Saiyuki Reload Zeroin has taken a totally different route from Reload Gunlock’s Hazel arc.

Fans of Sanzo are happy, as well as disappointed at the same time. They wanted more of Sanzo’s fighting scenes. Though his gunshot appearance melted many, Sanzo falling onto Goku’s shoulders was also one of the many scenes that made fans happy. Goku, Sanzo, Gojyo, and Hakkai’s journey and the fan’s journey seem to be going hand-in-hand. To have to wait for every new episode seems to be too much for fans.

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