Sacred Games Season 2 Interview, Possible Release Date, and Updates

Sacred Games has been the subject of many a debate recently. The show is Netflix India’s first original show, and it has received really positive reviews. However, Netflix is yet to confirm the show’s return for a second season. The series has a lot of potentials, so it’s actually strange that the show didn’t get a renewal already. It is possible that the show has been put on hold because of the controversy and whole petition thing.

Despite this, I think that the show will come back for a second season. In the second season, we will see Bunty coming back. Also, it has been confirmed that Guruji, who is the TV priest will be the major villain in the second season.

Now, moving to the cast of the series. The main cast will be reprising their roles for season two. Here is the possible cast for season two —

Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde
Neeraj Kabi as Parulkar
Radhika Apte as Anjali Mathur
Pankaj Tripathi as Guruji

Sacred Games Season 2

Saif Ali Khan also hinted that there might be a new director for season two. He said, “It might be a little premature to say, but I don’t think he’s directing the second season. I think he was under so much pressure that he didn’t have any fun.”

Pankaj Tripathi also talked about his role in season two. He said, “Guruji is a larger-than-life part and will become the most sought-after character in the series. My character becomes as big as Gaitonde.”

Previously, Saif Ali Khan has hinted that the second season will be coming out soon. He said, “In season two, I think he will be much more activated and a bit softer. The graph starts from minus 10 and goes up to become a hero at the end of the book. So you will have to look at the graph in the second half.”

“I think he is a complicated guy. He has lots of issues. I think the story has to pick up a bit of pace. I don’t think he should change into a hero. He will still be battling his demons and have his weak moments. But generally, I think the story has to pick up a bit of pace. Yes, we should be out with one season every year, if that’s the way ahead.”

When Does Sacred Games Season 2 Release?

Sacred Games Season 1 came out in July 2018, and we can expect the same for the 2nd season, nothing is confirmed on this. However, we will keep you posted with the updates.

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