Rookie Cops Episode 2: A View Into The University Life

Rookie Cops Episode 2
Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops Episode 2′ will take fans for a fun ride as the drama is filled with fun yet captivating tales of the eight young individuals trying to survive in one of Korea’s most conservative police universities. The series revolves around many common factors that the youth face but also will throw the light on how they overcome all the situations and come out as stronger and better. On a campus with 2000 others, the eight explores life, friendship, love, and most importantly, they make memories for a lifetime.

The teasers and the stills released do give us a glimpse into the lives of the people at the university. The chemistry between the characters, not just the leads but also the supporting casts, seems compelling. It can be said that the drama with its content will make one experience various kinds of emotions and will intrigue many thoughts and questions as well.

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Rookie Cops Synopsis

Rookie Cops revolves around eight such youth who try to figure out their dreams as they enter the police university. One of the first posters that got released had all eight characters sitting together and smiling. The caption states, ‘The true class of these hopeless youths begin now.’  The caption does signify the situation majority of the youth faces, including the characters in this drama.

Rookie Cops
A Still From The Trailer

At one point, everything seems confusing, and finding a way seems obscure, and at another point, there are many challenges waiting to be faced. Wi Seung Hyeon wants to become like his father and make him proud. A diligent and passionate student, he came first in the second attempt at the college entrance exam. At the police university, he meets his love interest, an opposite personality, Go Eun Gang. Her motive to come to the university is to follow her one-sided love. Kim Tak, who became friends with Seung Hyeon, came from the national judo team. Ki Han Na is someone who never thought of anything else apart from the first position.

The chemistry between Kim Tak and her will be interesting to watch as both of them has a fondness to stay alone. Yoo Dae entered the university under the influence of dramas. Woo Joo Young entered the university with the thought that she wanted to pursue forensic science as her career.  

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What To Expect From Rookie Cops Episode 2

We got a hint from the trailer that Seung Hyeon and Eun Gang may not start as friends in the series. However, their course will change as the story progresses.

Rookie Cops
A Still From The Trailer

Meanwhile, Ki Han Na may have difficulty in coping with the university system that focuses more on group life and activities rather than individual ones. As she is someone who always prefers to stay on top and do all the work by herself, Han Na may experience trouble adjusting herself to the changing environment. In one of the teasers, it was also said, ‘Let’s not change our friendship, we’re sticking together until the end’. By looking at the trailer, it seemed like a fun watch, and the fans are optimistic that it will live up to all the expectations.

How To Watch Rookie Cops Episode 2? Streaming Details

The drama will be airing on its original network Disney +. For the international audience, it can be streamed online as well. The coming of age drama is directed by Kim Byung-soo and is expected to end its journey by 16th March. However, the date may differ if any changes are made.

When Will Rookie Cops Episode 2 Release?

Rookie Cops Episode 2 will release on 26th January 2022. Both episodes 1 and 2 of Rookie Cops will be aired on the same day. The drama has a quirky side to it which is expected to engage the audience with. The South Korean Series will be airing on Wednesday every week.

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