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Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: All The Updates About The Upcoming Season!

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2
Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

It has been two years since the release of the K-drama “Romance Is A Bonus Book”. And the questions about “if there is going to be a Romance Is A Bonus Book season 2 or not” are still here. Even though the heartwarming drama had one of the most satisfying endings, fans still wanted more from their favorite characters. Not catering just to romance, the drama takes the fans through various points in life. That one has gone through or might go through in the future. With cast members who are loved globally for their performances. The K-drama is one of the best things to watch and a treat to the eyes of the viewers.

Especially the ones who love books. The story revolves around a copywriter who is trying to get back to work. An excellent editor who holds the secrets of Korea’s one of the most loved writers who disappeared after releasing his last book. And a publishing company, “Gyeoroo, which is filled with passionate and hardworking editors, and designers. By the end of the show, as the story unfolds, we see every character going through developing the best forms of themselves, along with the writer’s perspective of the books. Before releasing, the show was supposed to be named “How To Publish Love?”.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: Park Hoon and Oh Ji Yul celebrate Kang Dan I’s return to the office but fail at the start.

Will There Be A Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2?

To answer that, if there is going to be a “Romance Is A Bonus Book” season 2, the answer is no. Neither the director nor the cast members have released any statement in the last two years. That indicates that a season 2 of the K-drama is in the making. There were some rumors about season 2, but they soon died down after getting no light from the production team. The K-drama was the last acting gig for Lee Jong Suk. As he went on to enlist in military service. And a solid come back for actress Lee Na Young. Considering that the show ended on a happy note and leaving no loopholes behind. It seems that all the cast members have moved on from their characters for good. And have been working on either new acting projects or taking a well-deserved break.

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Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: The Plot

As season 1 of “Romance Is A Bonus Book” wrapped up all the loose ties by its final episode. There isn’t much to expect in the new season, other than the relationship of Kang Dan I and Cha Eun Ho. The ups and downs they might face, especially after Eun Ho gets to meet Dan I’s daughter when she returns to Korea. As season 1 showed Dan, I was trying to get back into the corporate world after being a stay-at-home mom for seven years. As she took care of her husband and daughter. But now broke and living under her broken house illegally. Cha Eun Ho was trying to keep his promise to protect writer Kang Byeong Jun, a father-like figure to him. Along with keeping his feelings for Dan I under control.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: Kang Dan I and Cha Eun Ho

Song Hae Rin was trying to be good at her job along with being in love with Eun Ho, but she was bad at hiding it. While Ji Seo Joon was a graphic designer who was trying to snoop around Eun Ho. As he tries to get the secret about the writer Kang Byeong Jun, who disappeared after releasing his last book, out of Eun Ho. The new interns at Gyeoroo, Oh Ji Yul, and Park Hoon, have their own struggles. With Ji Yul’s mother trying to babysit her all the time and Park Hoon getting employed after years. While CEO Kim Jae Min makes the workplace as comfortable as he can while taking care of his family and helping Eun Ho. Director Go Yoo Sun lives life for herself as she sees her friends living the conventional married life. Manager Seo Young Ah and Editor Bong Ji Hong manage their marriage and work together.

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Romance Is A Bonus Book: What Happened At The End?

By the end of Romance Is A Bonus Book, we can say that all the characters have grown so much. And reached the point they were looking for. Ready to step into a new beginning.

Kang Dan I

Even after trying everywhere, she could, Dan I got nothing but rejection. The seven-year gap in her resume dismissed everything she had achieved in her career until now with her cheating husband divorcing her and her having no place to live. She starts working at Eun Ho’s place, anonymously. Finding that his office is hiring, she decides to get rid of all the degrees and applies for the entry-level job. As she ends up getting the job, she gives her everything to it and keeps on trying in the marketing department. But her secret comes out later. And she ends up getting fired from the office, despite her colleagues protesting. But with all the work she had put into the company during her time. It doesn’t take long for CEO Kim to call her back and offer her a full-time job in the marketing department.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: Cha Eun Ho tells Ji Seo Joon that writer Kang remembered him as they scattered his ashes.

Cha Eun Ho

Cha Eun Ho finally lets the secret of the writer Kang Byeong Jun out to the person who needed it the most, Ji Seo Joon. As Eun Ho takes Seo Joon to writer Kang’s favorite restaurant, he gifts him his last manuscript. Along with the script, he gives him all the things letters and notes that belonged to writer Kang. As he himself wasn’t in the condition to talk or remember anything. As writer Kang is on his deathbed, he takes Seo Joon to meet him in his final moments. Living together with Dan I, Eun Ho finally confesses his feelings to her. Getting together, they finally make their relationship public in the end, as they meet the other editors.

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Ji Seo Joon

Going back home, Seo Joon opens writer Kang’s bag, only to find post-its with reminders written on them. As Writer Kang was known to have no family around him in public, this wasn’t the whole truth. It is revealed that Seo Joon’s mother used to date writer Kang and gave birth to him after they broke up. Although she never contacted him, Seo Joon went to him when he was in school asking for help as his mother was sick. But writer Kang never contacted him and went on to release his last book, “April 23”. Looking through the notes, Seo Joon discovers that it wasn’t that writer Kang didn’t want to contact him. But he simply couldn’t remember his son asking for help because of his dementia. He wrote his birthday on the manuscript, wanting not to forget it.

Song Hae Rin

Editor Song Hae Rin had feelings for Eun Ho, and she tried everything she could to make him like her. Or give him hints about what she felt towards him. But Eun Ho always ignored her and kept it professional. Running out of patience, she confesses to him again. And he politely rejects her, saying he has feelings for somebody else. Going through the heartbreak, it takes her time, but Hae Rin accepts the fact that they were not meant to be in the first place. Later on, she meets Seo Joon, who is also going through rejection from Dan I. As they both crossed each other’s path unknowingly and then went on to work together. It sure was the start of something new.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

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The Members of Gyeoroo Publications

Along with working at the publication, the interns, Park Hoon and Ji Yul, dating for real too. After acting for so long, they finally confessed and became a real couple. CEO Kim does his best to hold the company together. While Director Go Yoo Sun doesn’t let other people bother her much. With Manager Seo Young Ah understanding her worth and divorcing Editor Bong Ji Hong, they both are now living their lives on their own terms. With all the people in the company doing their best.

Where To Watch “Romance Is A Bonus Book”?

“Romance Is A Bonus Book” is available to watch on Netflix. Season 1 of the show has 16 episodes in total, with each episode being around an hour long. The show has been on Netflix since its release in 2019. And with high ratings and viewership, the streaming service won’t be removing the show for the time being. All the episodes perfectly manage to catch the emotions the characters are going through. If CEO Kim’s motivation bits can’t motivate viewers in real life. Kang Dan, I’m motivating flash mob at the sauna will definitely do it.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

The Cast and The Characters: Where Are They Now?

Making her come back into the acting world after being a stay-at-home mom in real life, too. Lee Na Young joined as the lead cast member, playing the role of Kang Dan I. Currently, she is not working on any upcoming K-drama and spending time with her family.
The global heartthrob from South Korea and the “giving angel” Lee Jong Suk was also in the lead cast, playing the role of Cha Eun Ho. As he has just completed his military service, Jong Suk is back to work again. He is currently working on the upcoming movie “Decibel”, starring actors Kim Rae Won and Cha Eun Woo.

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Jung Yoo Jin, who has worked with Jong Suk before in W, plays the role of the heartbroken second lead. Repeats her role in the show, playing Song Hae Rin. The unrequited couple’s chemistry is amazing as always. She will be appearing in the upcoming JTBC drama “Snow Drop”. Currently trending for his role in Netflix’s Squid Game, Wi Ha Joon plays the soft-hearted graphic designer and writer Ji Seo Joon. As the hints of them ending up together are given, Song Hae Rin and Wi Ha Joon have worked together in Netflix’s “Something In The Rain” too.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: Cast Members Behind The Scenes.

The Gyeoroo Publication Team

Many amazing actors came together. With actor Kim Tae Woo playing the cheerful CEO Kim Jae Min. He was last seen in the movie “Silence” directed by Kim Tae Gon. Actress Kim Yoo Mi plays the cold-hearted but soft inside director, Go Yoo Sun. Her last role was in the Netflix K-drama “Hello, Me” playing Oh Ji Eun. Actor Jo Han Chul plays the understanding editor, but not so understanding husband, Bong Ji Hong. He has been working on the K-drama called “Heaven: To the Land of Happiness”. Known as the nation’s aunt, Kim Sun Young plays the chill marketing head, Seo Young Ah. After the show, Sun Young has been seen “When The Camilla Bloom” and “Crash Landing On You” as the thug neighborhood aunt. Park Gyu Young and Kang Ki Doong play the interns Oh Ji Yul and Park Hoon. Ki Doon has played some important roles in recent K-dramas like “The Witch’s Diner”, “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, and “The King: Eternal Monarch”. Gyu Young has always been a part of shows like “The Devil Judge”, “Dali and Cocky Prince”, “Sweet Home”, and “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

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