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Robby Krieger Net Worth: Former ‘The Doors’ Guitarist’s Current Wealth

Robby Krieger Net Worth
Robby Krieger Net Worth

Hello, internet and rock fans out there. In this article, we cover the rock and roll legend Robby Krieger Net Worth. Firstly, Robert Alan Krieger is a guitarist and composer from the United States. Consequently, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to his work with the rock band the Doors. Kriege wrote or co-wrote several of the Doors’ songs, including “Light My Fire,” “Love Me Two Times,” “Touch Me,” and “Love Her Madly.” Rolling Stone considers him among the top 100 guitar players of all time. After Morrison died in 1971, Krieger, Manzarek, and Densmore remained as a trio. We may hear Krieger singing lead vocals with the Doors on the song “Runnin’ Blue.”

He also sang on the Doors’ last two albums, Other Voices and Full Circle, recorded after his death. Kriege and Densmore formed the Butts Band when the Doors disbanded in 1973. Kriege achieved modest success as a jazz-fusion guitarist, releasing a few albums in the 1970s and 1980s. Additionally, his band toured North America and Europe between 1991 and 1998. In April 2009, Krieger and Ray Manzarek appeared as special guests on Daryl Hall’s monthly performance webcast Live From Daryl’s House.

Robby Krieger Life and Musical History

Krieger was born into a Jewish household in Los Angeles, California. His father, an engineer, liked classical music, while his mother preferred “Frank Sinatra and things like that.” The first album that attracted him was Peter and the Wolf. He began listening to other albums once he smashed it. Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, and the Platters were among the artists he heard on the radio. He tried the trumpet when he was 10 years old, but it was not for him. Krieger started playing the blues on his parents’ piano, which Robbie found more enjoyable than the trumpet. He liked playing a friend’s guitar when he was 13 years old.

While Krieger was a boarding student at Menlo School in Menlo Park, California, he had study time at night, where he taught himself to play the guitar. He started by detuning a ukulele to the lowest four guitar strings and imitating a record he had. Later, in the mid-1960s, Krieger was trained to play the flamenco guitar by professor Frank Chin. Krieger and two classmates took a Christmas trip to Puerto Vallarta, where he bought a peg-tuned Ramrez guitar and attended tuition for a few months. He experimented with many genres, including flamenco, folk, blues, and jazz, and he was a member of the Back Bay Chamber Pot Terriers, a jug band in Menlo Park.

Robby Krieger Net Worth rounds north of US $15 million

Robby Krieger Net Worth rounds north of US $15 million

Robby Krieger and The Doors

Krieger joined keyboardist Ray Manzarek, drummer John Densmore, and singer Jim Morrison in 1965. Morrison originally heard Krieger playing bottleneck guitar during an early Doors practice and wanted the technique on every song on the debut album. Krieger’s fingerstyle approach to the electric guitar, diverse musical interests, and songwriting contributed to the Doors’ popularity as a rock band in the 1960s. He and Densmore trained at the Kinnara School of Music in Los Angeles under Indian sitarist Ravi Shankar.

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Krieger performed lead vocals with the Doors on occasion. On the song “Runnin’ Blue,” we may hear him. He also sang on the last two Doors albums, Other Voices and Full Circle, recorded after Morrison’s death. Krieger, Manzarek, and Densmore continued as a trio after Morrison’s death in 1971. They produced two more albums as the Doors before breaking up in 1973, but they would reunite a few years later to compose music for poetry that Morrison had written soon before his death, published as the 1978 album An American Prayer.

Robby Krieger Net Worth rounds north of US $15 million

Robby Krieger Net Worth

Robby Krieger’s net worth exceeds USD $16 million. The majority of his wealth is made up of royalties from the songs he performs. Krieger is extremely active in the music industry and enjoys playing Gibson guitars, which have been a mainstay of his whole rock and roll career. That kind of money allowed the purchase of his former home, a massive 1.5-acre estate in sunny liberal Bel-Air California which hosts a 6.624 sq ft house with pools, fountains, bar, sauna, and a beautiful terrace surrounded by nature.

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