Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17: Release Date, Promo & Recap

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Spoilers And Recap For Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17
From Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 Featuring Betty and Tabitha

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 sees Jughead’s only friend around at the moment in trouble. Tabitha needs support and Jughead and Beth are right there for her. Also after the way, Cheryl and Kevin joined forces against their mother Penelope. It’s her time to retaliate. Recently on the show, every character out there was battling their own wars. Archie was trying to make sure his martyred brothers get the honor they deserve. Not some General who ordered the wrong shot which cost many lives. Veronica and Reggie were almost about to face a crisis. But Veronica knows the man behind it.

So Veronica and Reggie devised an intricate plan which also involves facing the front of her own father too. Apart from all of this, Jughead was back from recovery and it was all an apology session for him. He tried to connect with Betty but it seems like she is on her own road now. The only friend who comforted him at this moment was Tabitha. But there is more than two crisis he needs to take care of. Here is a quick rundown on everything that has gone down recently on the show.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 Recap

Previously on Riverdale, we opened up with Archie and his brothers in arms suffering from the loss of their brother Josie McCoy. Veronica in her own way too but constantly troubled by Chad to join hands. Penelope is busy trying to take the shine away from her kids Cheryl and Kevin at the church. Lastly, Jughead is back from recovery hoping to meet Betty who is out there somewhere working at the lonely highway. Jughead is also asked to go on administrative leave from his job. Plus he needs to deliver an absolute classic novel soon. Amidst all of this, it’s Tabith who comforts him.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17
From Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 Featuring Archie

The news that General Taylor will be retiring with full honors and 21 guns salute troubles, Archie. The fact doesn’t fit him since he was the reason they lost a brother. Although everyone asks him to move on, Archie isn’t ready to back down easily. An Agent from SEC randomly hit Pearls & Posh to review the finances of the company which leaves Veronica in shock. She kind of knows it was Chad and needs a counter move.

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Cheryl and Kevin plan to take away the shine from their mother. They perform several miracles that bring some positive energies to them. Meanwhile, Archie comes clean about what happened at the war and was ready to fight for it. He confronts General Taylor despite the consequences and asks the martyred’s families for support. With a little help from Hermosa, Veronica and Reggie get their hands on Palladium and uses Cheryl’s mine as their cover. Veronica takes the first shot at her father at the auction and the next would be at Chad’s party.

Ending For Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16
From Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 Featuring Veronica and Chad

Jughead and Betty share a confession night until she abandons him. Jughead’s publisher drops him and a new writer recommended by Jughead himself takes the charge. At the party, CopterCab Stock crashes and Veronica takes the last laugh in front of Chad and her own dad. The episode comes to a close with Jughead confessing things to Tabitha and she promises to take care of Betty. Thus she joins her at night.

Lastly, Archie’s brothers receive the honors they deserve while General Taylor receives discharge without honors. Furthermore, Penelope confronts the miracles performed by Cheryl and Kevin. Although they brush her away, it seems like one of the miracles from Cheryl’s hands actually turned out to be true.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 Release Date & Spoilers

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 is releasing on 22 September 2021 and will air on The CW at 8 pm ET. Only two episodes remain before the fifth season of Riverdale wraps up its run. So expect two more episodes to follow in the next Wednesdays following the seventeenth episode for Riverdale Season 5. You can also watch Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 on The CW app right the next day.

In some countries, Netflix also offers weekly new episodes for Riverdale Season 5 including the upcoming seventeenth episode. Lastly, video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime, VUDU, Microsoft, Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes, and YouTube TV also offer Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17. Check out the official promo for Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 below along with the synopsis breakdown.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 is titled, “Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death”. The official synopsis of the episode says that Tabitha finds a friend of hers missing. This leads her to approach Betty and Jughead for help. As the trio investigates, on the other side of things, Penelope tries to turn Kevin against her sister Cheryl. This will see a confrontation between Cheryl and Kevin about the ministry.

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