Re:Zero Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

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Updated Article (27 March 2023): Re: Zero Season 3 is the buzz in the anime community as the fans had lost all hope for the anime’s return yet again. Subaru’s adventure through the new adventure has been really an adventure and that is the same for the release of the new season of the series. The second season of the anime ended on March 24th, 2021.

Fans were on the edge of their seats watching the first two seasons of the series. The plot twists and exciting adventures in the first two seasons of the series have been very amazing and it has fans left craving more and more from the series. Not everyone is reading the light novel of the series which is way ahead as they prefer to watch the anime because of White Fox’s studio’s amazing job on the series.

This includes our team on Otakuakrt and we are happy to share the info on the much-anticipated third season of the series. I cannot remember an anime that has made me cry over and over for Subaru as others. This anime features a great plot and twists that leaves fans in excitement.

All of this has been enhanced amazingly with the addition of amazing characters that are too memorable to forget. This is what this series is doing better than most Isekai anime out there. Every character in this series has had their arc and they are loveable in their own cases including the villains. 

The season 2 end note of the anime was surely amazing and with such an ending fans were left in awe and wanting new a new season. Well, after two years of dryness, the third season of the anime was finally announced and the fans are excited for the release of the third season. So let us see what this new information for the third season of Re: Zero has been roaming around. Here we bring you the latest updates on the various anime and manga series.

About Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World

White Fox’s Re: Zero Starting Lige In Another World anime adaptation is based on the light novel of the same name. This amazing light novel is written by Tappei and the illustrator for the light novel is Shinichirou Otsuka. The novel series first started being serialization more than a decade and surprisingly the light novel is still being realized and it has generated enough content for a season 4 as well in the future. 

Re Zero Season 3 Expectations

Naturally, the manga adaptation for the series was also made which has gathered the first three chapters are also out there and all the chapters have been adapted by different illustrators. While the manga series isn’t something that fans are looking forward to as it is even behind the anime, the manga has its own fan base nonetheless and they are awaiting chapter 4’s manga adaptation.

The last chapter of the manga adaptation was for the 3rd arc was released on February 21st, 2020. As for the two incredible seasons of the anime adaptation for the series, White Fox studio was in charge of the series and as well as for the upcoming third season of the anime. This is why the fans have very high expectations for season 3 of the anime.

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The anime adaptation of the series was first announced by the studio in July 2015. A year later the first season of the anime was released with a total of 25 episodes of the series with a 50-minute run time for the first episode. The first season aired for six months straight without any delays however, the wait for the second season had the fans wonder if there was ever going to be a second season.

But soon in March 2019, the second season was announced and the second season was first scheduled to be released in April 2020 but was delayed until July because of the pandemic. And unlike the first season, the second season was spilt into two different cours with the first releasing in July 2020 and the second one releasing in January 2021 and ending on March 2021.

It has been two years since the end second season and the announcement for Re: Zero Season 3 was made on March 25th, 2023 at the Anime Expo Japan. The plot of the anime is incredible and a must-watch anime at least once for anime fans.

Re: Zero Overview

The Plot of this amazing series follows a boy named Natsu Subaru who is kind of a shut-in and facing the adolescent phase. But never did Subaru had thought that his normal grocery shopping would turn out to be something like this. Well, after going grocery shopping after forever, Subaru ends up finding himself in a world that is not his own.

He has somehow ended up in a medieval-era world that is filled with different kinds of stuff such as elves, monsters, magic, spirits, and whatnot. Soon after realizing where Subaru has ended up, he takes a stroll around the area and gets caught in some twisted adventures which end up bad for him and he dies. 

However, Subaru isn’t actually dead and winds up at a time before it like a checkpoint in the game. Later he befriends Emilia, who has her own story and wants to be the new king of the nation and Subura decides that fate has brought both of them together and the power that Subaru has bestowed is to help Emilia. How many death attempts before Subaru’s story ended? Well, in 2 seasons you will be amazed at the plot twists and the way this anime progresses.

Re: Zero Season 3 Expected Release Date

On March 25th, 2023, at the AnimeJapan Expo the announcement for the third season of Re: Zero was made delighting the fans with the much-awaited third season. Although the announcement for the anime so far only said that there will be a third season but no release date, cast, staff, and other details for the series were revealed. 

Along with the announcement of the Re: Zero Season 3, fans were blessed with a small teaser for the anime as well. Although the teaser for the anime did not reveal much, it sure created enough buzz among the fans for the release of the anime. In addition to that, a small visual for the Re: Zero Season 3 was also released which you can look at below.

While there isn’t a sure release date announcement for the anime, we can guess the release date of the third season until it is announced. The first two seasons of the anime followed the same pattern of the release of the anime after their announcement. The first season of the anime was released a year later after its announcement. 

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As for the second season, the anime was initially also first scheduled to be released a year later after its first announcement, however, due to the pandemic, the anime was delayed not more than 3 months. So following the previous pattern of the anime, the third season of Re: Zero is expected to be released in the Spring of 2024 at the earliest.

While the release of the anime still seems far, it is only an expected to release date and there can be changes that will release the anime early or later than the predicted release date. We will be updating this article once we have new info on the Re: Zero Season 3.

What is the Plot of Re: Zero Season 3?

The second season of the anime ended finishing the 4th arc of the light novel meaning that the upcoming season of Re: Zero will be adapting the 5th arc from the light novel continuing the story. Arc 5 is titled “Stars that Engrave History” and since the arc isn’t that big we might also see some parts of arc 6 from the novel also being adapted which is titled The Corridor of Memories.

This season of Re: Zero will likely see Anastasia inviting the other camps of Felt, Crusch, and Emilia to the Watergate of the city for a gathering. However, uninvited guests are also wreaking havoc in the city who are the followers of the Witch Cult known as Sin Archbishops, and have also taken over the city.

This is where Subaru comes to unite all the camps to lead a fighting chance against the With Cult’s followers. Will there be no deaths this time for Subaru to lead a battle? Well, the light novel readers of Re: Zero are very excited for Re: Zero Season 3 as they know what lies ahead and it is better than the first two seasons.

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Original Article (26 March 2021): Popular isekai anime, Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World, closed its curtain on the second season on 24 March 2021. Subaru, who basically went to buy groceries at the beginning of the anime, has now come a long way from just buying groceries. The anime is adapted from a light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. Re:Zero has been one of the highest-rated isekai anime ever since its release back in 2016. Fans had already given up on another season until 2020. After the second season, will Re:Zero have a season 3? Here is everything you need to know about Re:Zero seasons 3.

Re:Zero has not ceased to surprise fans ever since the first season. The second season ended with great remarks from the viewers, with many people rating it 5 stars. The anime ends on a happy and wholesome note, all the while leaving fans craving for another season.

Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World– Overview

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date
Rem, Ram and Roswaal L. Mathers.

White Fox studio’s Re:Zero is one of their treasured anime that reached high heights of success. Subaru, an average teenager, arrives at an unknown world filled with elves, magic, and spirits. He befriends Emilia, whose insignia had been stolen. Following some very twisted events, Subaru realizes that he is taken back in time to start from zero every time he dies. He notices the connection of his fate with Emilia and thereby decides to protect her repeatedly.

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Emilia is a half-elf who participates in the Royal Selection to become the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. She is an outcast as people seem to fear her for her striking resemblance to a witch in the past, Satella. She has her own enemies, such as the people she is contesting against, humans who feared her, and the Witch’s Cult. Subaru protects her from the various antagonists of the Witch’s Cult by using all his wits and abilities.

Re:Zero Season 3 Release Date

The second season ended on March 24, 2021. It is too soon to expect an announcement for another season and the release date. However, fans must feel relieved to know that Re:Zero will have another season. Before the second season had aired, Crunchyroll News interviewed Sho Tanaka, producer of Re:Zero. In this interview, although he did not announce any news regarding another season, he did say that he was confident that fans would be ‘clamoring’ for another season after watching season 2, which has, in fact, turned exactly true. This can be accepted as a hint that the producer is not in favor of canceling the show, and we can safely hope for another season.

A third season can be expected because the source has a lot of material that can and needs to be animated. Nagatsuki has mentioned how even the light novel is barely halfway done despite completing 24 volumes in September. The anime is severely popular, and it makes no sense for the makers to leave it incomplete, especially when it is in so much demand.

The release date of the third season is a bit difficult to predict. The second season was released after 4 years. It can be assumed that we will receive another season within 2021 to 2023 at the latest.

Re:Zero Season 3 – What to Expect?

The light novel, Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World, released its 24th volume in September 2020. The same year, the second season of the anime was released in two cours. The first cour ran from July to September. After a 3 month break, the series resumed from January and ran till March 2021. The second season covered the fourth arc from the light novel with great efficiency. The light novel has a total of 7 arcs so far. Re:Zero anime has been following the source material with a lot of involvement with its writer, Tappei Nagatsuki. It is only fair to assume that the series ahead will also follow the light novel with the supervision of the original writer in the next season. Considering this information, we can presume that the anime will cover the fifth arc from the novel in Season 3.

The fifth arc called the ‘Stars That Engrave History,’ will focus on another candidate of the Royal Selection, Anastasia. Many new characters will be introduced who will play a role of minor or major significance in the story. Once again, The Witch’s Cult, under the command of Sir Archbishop, will come back to wreak havoc through the Water Gate City. The arc will be of quiet interest as we will see Subaru on the move again, now as the official Knight of Emilia.

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date
Emilia: Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World.

Re:Zero is the first isekai anime that comes to mind when thinking of isekai anime. It has gained a lot of positive remarks. We still have a lot to find out about Satella and the Witch’s Cult. Moreover, we still need an explanation for the relationship between Satella and Emilia. With so many questions, a new season of Re:Zero is widely anticipated.

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