Red Velvet’s Joy Tops iTunes With ‘Hello’

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Red Velvet's Joy 'Hello'

Red Velvet’s Joy’s new album is gaining love from across the world. The full album is scheduled to release on June 3. However, she has already released the title track of the same name, ‘Hello,’ and it has achieved top positions hours after its release. With her honey-like voice and summery Music video, she steals the hearts of all the Kpop and music lovers. Joy is a member of the girl group Red Velvet, and she has recently made her solo debut. Moreover, fans doubt how she will remake all the hit songs that have vanished after listening to ‘Hello.’ So, make sure to watch the MV down below.

Red Velvet’s Joy or Park Soo Young is not only a great musician but also an actress. The idol-turned actress is all prepped to appear in a new Kdrama as well. Looks like she is on a quest to bless her fans. Apart from this, currently, she is bust reciprocating the love she is receiving for Hello, and much more is to come on June 3.

The singer previously talked about why she chose to create a new album filled with old hit songs. Moreover, Joy opened up about how she feels after making her solo debut. Joy has previously released solo OST’s. But, this is her first time releasing an entire album under her name.

Red Velvet’s Joy’s ‘Hello’ Tops iTunes In Multiple Countries.

Joy and her fans are really proud right now. Joy’s new debut album ‘Hello’ will release on June 3 on all major platforms. But, her newly released single, the title track of the album, is already a hit. The song ‘Hello’ has topped the iTunes charts of several countries. The number is 26. The album topped ‘ iTunes Top Albums charts.’

Red Velvet's Joy 'Hello'

The regions include regions including Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Finland, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Qatar, Singapore, Colombia, the Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan, Guatemala, Laos, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Sadly, the album could not peak at #1 in the singer’s hometown, but we will have time for the album to come out. So, don’t worry.

The title track of the same name was released on May 31, at 6 p.m. KST. Soon after the release, it topped both Genie and Bugs music charts.

Hello is a remake album consisting of all the hit songs released during the 1990s and 2000s. The hit title track from Joy’s album is a song by Park Hye Kyung’s 2003 track, “Hello.” Hye-Kyung’s song is a modern hip-hop song with a positive message to keep moving forward, no matter how the past was.

Joy’s version is quite the same when it comes to the theme. The song gives happy vibes, and Joy looks gorgeous in her Summery Music Video. The remake is designed by KENZIE.

Watch the Music Video down below.

Joy Talks About Her New Album “Hello”

Recently, Joy sat down during a press conference and shared her thoughts on her solo debut. Her group member, Wendy hosted the press conference, and the two had a chit-chat regarding the upcoming album. Earlier, when Wendy made her solo debut, Joy also arranged a press conference for her.

Joy begins the conference by saying that she felt confident while working on the album. She said that because she has sung for dramas, it will be easy to record an album. However, now that the album is ready, she cannot believe that it is real. The singer confessed that she feels nervous and feels responsible to everyone who has worked hard on the album.

Red Velvet's Joy 'Hello'
Red Velvet’s Joy and Wendy

Wendy is the first member of ‘Red Velvet’ to have a solo career. She made her solo debut back in April. During the conference, Joy confessed that she used to think about what Wendy must have gone through when she was preparing for the album. Furthermore, Joy expressed how so many people work hard to make the album. Hence, she wishes a lot of people listen to her album.

The singer also told her fans that Wendy used to send her long messages to give her strength and support. Apparently, many people are really liking the album, and we congratulate the singer on her success.

Joy has also appeared in dramas such as Tempted and The Liar and His Lover. You can watch both the shows here on Netflix. 

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