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Red Shoes Episode 29: Release Date & Preview

Red Shoes Episode 33
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Red Shoes Episode 29 release date is right around the corner. Red Shoes is an ongoing South Korean daily TV series. Moreover, it also goes by the name Without Blood Or Tears. The drama has garnered a lot of viewers because of its enthralling plot and because of its amazing cast. The plot of the drama revolves around the revenge of Kim Jin Ah. Kim Jin Ah’s life had been ruined because of her selfish and power-hungry mother. As a result, she wants to take revenge on her mother, Min Hee Kyung, by bringing her down from her high position.

As already mentioned, the drama has an amazing cast. The cast of the drama consists of talented and skilled actors and actresses. Among the cast, there is Choi Myung Gil, So Yi Hyun, Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon. They are doing a splendid job in portraying their character’s emotions. Sometimes they are able to express their character’s feelings without saying anything. They take the phrase ‘actions can be louder than words’ seriously. Furthermore, in this article, we are going to be filling you in about the release date of Red Shoes Episode 29. Plus, we will be doing a small recap of the previous episode.

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Red Shoes Episode 29 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 29  will release on 27 August, this Friday. International fans usually can watch dramas like this on Rakuten Viki with a standard subscription. The drama has till now fed the audience with 25 great episodes. The starting of the drama had talked about both Min Hee Kyung’s and Kim Jin Ah’s sad past. Although Min Hee Kyung has turned into a bad person in the present, her daughter managed to be a good person. This might be because Kim Jin Ah and her brother were raised by a woman named So Ok Kyung.

Red Shoes Episode 29

The cast of ‘Red Shoes’ cr: KBS2

The drama had received plausible viewership since the release of its first episode on the 5th of July. Many people have been loving the drama so much that they do not miss even an episode of the drama. Why wouldn’t they though? The drama has everything from a good plot to a talented cast. Many wish that the drama keeps up a good job till the release of its final episode. The drama plans to finish off all of its 100 episodes by the 6th of December. It might be safe to say that we could expect that the drama will keep us entertained for a pretty long time.

A Plot Recap

The previous episode was full of many ups and downs.  It is very clear that both brothers Yoon Ki Seok and Yoon Hyun Seok have started liking Kim Gemma. But knowing that his brother likes Kim Gemma a lot, Yoon Hyun Seok tries to ignore his feelings and marry Kwon Hye Bin. They even planned to marry each other very quickly. Kwon Hye Bin says that she does not want Yoon Hyun Seok to change his mind, which is why she wants to marry him quickly. Soon enough, the family had met and decided the dates for their engagement and their marriage. Then both of the families celebrate their engagement. Just as Min Hee Kyung thought that Kim Jin Ah is not going to come, Kim Jin Ah came to the party.

Red Shoes Episode 29

Min Hee Kyung and Kim Jin Ah cr: KBS2

Even though Min Hee Kyung told Kim Jin Ah told her not to come to the party, she did. She had also worn the brooch that belonged to Min Hee Kyung. Min Hee Kyung got worried about that as she had supposedly dropped the brooch in the place where she had attacked Kim Jin Ah. Even her husband, Kwon Hyun Sang gets suspicious and asks her how in the world did the brooch get into Kim Jin Ah’s hands. Because Min-Hee Kyung did not answer him straightly, he became more suspicious about her. But Kwon Hyun Sang wasn’t the only one who got suspicious of their lady. Yoon Ki Seok had heard Min-Hee Kyung’s and Kim Jin Ah’s conversation, and ltr on, he faced Kim Jin Ah asking her what is the relationship between her and Min Hee Kyung. Will she tell him the truth? Well, you will have to watch the newly released episode to find out.

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