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Preview & Recap: Red Shoes Episode 20

Red Shoes Episode 36
Red Shoes cr: Viki

Red Shoes Episode 20 will be airing very soon. Furthermore, Red Shoes is a South Korean daily television drama.  Usually, Korean dramas release new episodes only two days a week. But Red Shoes is broadcasted every day except Saturday and Sunday.  Moreover, this show has become a fan favorite due to many reasons. Both the cast and story are splendid. Red Shoe is a story about revenge. It follows the journey of Kim Gemma, whose life goal is to make her mother payback. The characters of this drama are loveable and strong. Furthermore, each character has a great story of their own.

This Korean Drama will have you hooked from the very first episode itself. With actors like Choi Myung Gil, So Yi Hyun, Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, Shin Jung Yoon, and Sun Woo Jae Duk in its kitty, this drama is bound to be amazing. When she was young, Jem Ma had lost her father and had to fend for herself and her younger brother. Moreover, during all this, her mother left her family to run after a rich first love.  Scarred for life, Gem Ma grows up and goes on a mission to take her mother down. Although, it won’t be easy because her mother is now the queen of the shoe industry. This article will tell you all that you need to know about Red Shoes Episode 20 release date. We will give you a plot recap so that you do not miss out on any details.

Red Shoes Episode 20 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 20 will be releasing on August 13, 2021. Furthermore, the 20th episode that will be coming this Friday will be significant. As Jemma gets closer to her goal, the story keeps getting more interesting. Ever since this drama first aired i.e., on July 5, it has been giving fans one good episode after another. The plot is thickening in Red Shoes which has fans ecstatic over the coming episodes.

Red Shoes Episode 20

Gemma cr: KBS2

Furthermore, Red Shoes is officially broadcasted on KBS2, which is a Korean cable television network. However, the good news is that International fans can watch this drama without any fuss on Rakuten Viki. New episodes are available soon after their release with subtitles in various languages. Furthermore, Red Shoes consists of a total of 100 episodes. Red Shoes is aired at 7:50 pm according to Korean Standard Time from Monday to Friday on KBS2. This times slot was earlier occupied by the KBS2 original series ”Miss Monte Cristo”. Make sure you tune in to watch Red Shoes on KBS2 or Rakuten Viki.

Red Shoes: Plot Recap

This revenge melodrama has a unique concept. It shows a mother who is heartless and greedy, this is very different from how mothers are usually represented in Korean dramas. Furthermore, Min-Hee Kyung leaves her husband and two kids after she meets her first love again. The very same night that she leaves, her husband dies in a car accident. Kim Jin-A or Jemma is Min-Hee Kyung’s elder daughter. Her struggle to take care of herself and her sick younger brother will move you to tears.

Red Shoes Episode 20

Red Shoes cr: Viki

Despite all of the sorrows, Jemma has made a good life for herself in the present day. Meanwhile, Min-Hee Kyung has become the Moghul of the shoe industry with the name ”Laura” Although Jemma’s true name is Kim Jin-A she hides her real identity in order to get her revenge. Furthermore, Kim Jin-A’s life gets tangled up with two beautiful brothers. The elder brother i.e Yoon Ki Seok is icy and does not warm up to anyone easily. After facing betrayal from his wife, Yoon Ki Seok believes that there is nothing such as love in this world. Although he refuses to believe in love, he finds himself drawn to Jema and her charms. Meanwhile, the younger brother Yoon Hyun Seok is free-spirited and charming. He also shows a great liking towards Jemma.

Red Shoes Episode 20

Gemma cr: Viki

The banters and cute moments between Jemma and these two handsome brothers are fun to watch. Although it seems cute right now, things are bound to get ugly when the two brothers have a faceoff. If you want to watch Jemma succeed in her revenge against her cruel mother, make sure you watch Red Shoes Episode 20.

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