Red Dog Filming Locations: Some Inside News About the Movie!

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where was red dog filmed
Red Dog (2011)

Movies related to pets are one of the best movies that one can ever watch. Also, those are some of the saddest too. Hence, if you have not watched Red Dog yet, then we would recommend you immediately go ahead and watch the movie. It will be sad, yet it will give you wholesome vibes. The movie is about a pet dog, and hence you already know that the movie will be extremely sad. Those who have watched the movie already know how it felt, and they have another question in mind. Where was Red Dog filmed?

In this article, we will be getting to know about where the movie was filmed, and also more about the movie. It must have been quite difficult for the team to shoot the movie. Also, getting a real-life dog to act might be intense too. However, there are some theories that the dog might have been a CGI too. To know more about the process of shooting the movie, you will have to read through the entire article. Another interesting aspect of the movie is how well the plot is framed and even narrated.

Where was Red Dog Filmed?

Now without getting into further details, let us get into the main topic: where was the red dog filmed? The setting of the movie is in the North West Pilbara region, and hence the shooting is done there. The team had decided that it was best to shoot the movie in the place where it was situated rather than trying to find another location resembling the same place. Thereby, the shooting took place in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. There was not much difficulty in shooting in Australia, and in fact, the cast members were quite happy about the whole situation. Thereby, if you leave in that area, you might even recognize the various spots in the movies.

where was red dog filmed
Pilbara region

Pilbara is not a very common tourist spot and is not very much frequented by people. However, it is an important place for Australia, as they get a lot of resources from this place. Hence, it also served as a great shooting spot because it was quite secluded. Being such a peaceful and serene place, the team could focus 100% on their work and also not get much disturbed by their surroundings. This was also important, for they had to get a lot of animal shots in the movie.

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Red Dog Shooting Difficulties

One of the major shooting difficulties that the team had to face while shooting Red Dog was handling the dog that was on set. It is quite difficult to shoot a dog who is the main character of the movie. Apparently, there were four dogs who were brought to Australia for the movie. All of them were to be trained professionally and also well-groomed. Hence, you can only imagine the level of hardship and how tiring it must have been to go through all of those processes to make this movie possible. They could have gone for CGI, yet they decided to keep the movie as real as possible.

where was red dog filmed
A scene from the movie.

Another difficult thing that they had to overcome while shooting for the movie was, of course, the whole travel package and everything. Most of the actors had to come to Australia to shoot the movie. Additionally, as they were shooting near mining resources, they had to take extra precautions as not to trespass a territory. There were also a lot of places where they had to take special passes and permissions for shooting there. Hence, it was not that simple to just go ahead and shoot the movie. Also, taking the dogs from one location to another was not a simple task either.

Therefore, we would request you not to just presume that most of the movie is not just CGI. The whole team had given their all for this movie, and it has got a lot of acknowledgment. There were several nominations and awards for the movie. The sympathy for the dog, and the whole story had always been able to make the audience extremely emotional.

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