The Reason Why Hit Will Probably Lose To Jiren In Tournament Of Power


If there’s another fight that fans want to see aside from Goku and Jiren’s battle, that would be Jiren’s fight against Hit. According to the spoilers, Goku and Jiren’s fight will end badly for the universes excluding Universe 11. Goku’s Genki-Dama will fail, and basically, he will just waste his stamina. His new form will possibly not appear in this episode.

After Goku’s defeat, Hit will try to take the stage and fight Jiren. This is a complicated fight because of Hit’s time skipping and Jiren’s mysterious ability. It was seen during Hit’s fight with Dyspo that even without the time skip, Hit is still a formidable enemy because he adapts so well as the battle goes. Also during Hit and Dyspo’s fight, it was shown that Hit could utilize the time skip to confuse the enemy especially¬†if the enemy is aware of the time skip ability.

Hit might get a chance in an earlier time against restricted Jiren. He might even be performing better than Goku. But there are a few reasons why Hit will lose against Jiren. And the reason that Goku is the main character is not even counted as a reason here.

First, Jiren got this super advanced movement prediction that startles even Goku. This is a great factor because Goku can read Hit’s movements during their fight on the Universe 6 and Universe 7 tournament. Predicting the movement of the enemy nullifies the Time Skip effect. With Jiren’s advanced movement prediction, I doubt that Hit will use his time skip at all.

The second reason would be because Jiren and Hit’s fighting style is passive, compared to Goku and Vegeta’s progressive style. Their special skills will have better effects if their opponents give the first move. Hit’s counterattack using the time skip will still work for an unmoving enemy, but the impact would be greater in a moving enemy. Jiren’s prediction won’t work with someone not moving, but he can just punch the hell out of his enemy without even using his advanced prediction.

It is true that Hit will get a better chance of winning especially when the battle gets longer. But with an enemy like Jiren, he can only take too much damage before he lost his stamina. Though Hit will surely get stronger and stronger during the battle, Hit was already beaten by Dypso. Unless he took a rest while everyone was doing something, Hit’s defeat will be delayed the longer his stamina lasts.


Who Is Going To Give Goku Energy For Spirit Bomb In Next Episode?

The Spirit Bomb is Goku’s last resort for enemies that cannot be defeated by strength alone. It was a one for all – all for one attack that (failed to) destroyed some of the nastiest villains of the Dragon Ball series. It was also an attack that only Goku is able to do among the Z-warriors.

The latest preview of Dragon Ball Super showed Goku’s first bout against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. He was seen using a Spirit Bomb while on his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20. He made a Spirit Bomb with a considerable size of energy, and Jiren’s not moving at all to avoid the killer technique.

Where will Goku gather the energy needed to throw a spirit bomb that size at the first place? He could not use the help of all the living things of Universe 7 (though I am curious how big of a spirit bomb that would be.) Even the benched baldies cannot help Goku this time because the Universe 7 will be erased immediately if they did.

And because of this new rule of no outside interference, Zeno will not bend his own rule. So Zenos will not lend their energy to Goku. Other participants could be convinced to lend them energy as Jiren is really a threat to their survival. If this is the case, I can see Universe 6 lending a fraction of their energy to Goku immediately. Goku’s teammates can also be the source of the spirit bomb energy. But you can’t really expect Frieza to…