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Read My Hero Academia Chapter 327: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

My Hero Academia Manga
My Hero Academia

The Hero hating group begins with My Hero Academia Chapter 327, with former Number One Hero All Might heading somewhere. My Hero Academia reveals Deku’s case since the citizens start to accept him at U.A High, but some still despise him. From the latest My Hero Academia Chapter, All Might travel alone, confronting the citizens who hate the Heroes. On his way, All Might realizes that he promised Deku’s mother that he would take care of Deku and told Deku that he would join them for his operation with other Pro Heroes. The chapter title is “Who Are You Really?”

Later All Might arrives at the city and finds Deku’s costume lying in the middle of the town. He picked up and noticed a note written on his state: “I Am Not Here.” All Might said, ”Couldn’t do anything for your disciples when he was hurting.” Pro Hero Shota Aizawa joined him and realized that some people need a little push in life. All Might sits near his statue and wonders what is happening. There are only two of them, and the citizens have left the scene; no heroes will be found nearby. All Might look at that note and comments that ”HE” is getting in his way by doing something like that.

A mysterious guy joined All Might and talked about a Great Hero while pointing his blade at All Might’s face. All Might looks up and comments that it is Hero Killer Stain. Stain told All Might to take his words back. All Might replies that Stain never encountered him during his prime time. But he never imagined they would meet like this when he has retired since their face-to-face meeting got delayed in the past.

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 326

Stain asks All Might to give some explanations. All Might comments that Stained missed a lot during his imprisonment, but he is in the flesh. Stain is confused, and he can’t believe that this skinny geezer is All Might and wonders what has happened. All Might replies that he understands that Stain can’t believe him since he looks different. He shows his stance, and it is All Might’s stance. All Might asks Stain if he is thinking of killing him since he is the Hero Killer Stain. Stain looks at him and replies no, and insists that this guy in front of him is not All Might.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

He scolds All Might for claiming that he is the Great Legendary¬† Here All Might nad he is lying while standing at Hero Holy Ground. Stain said, ”You dare to claim the mantle of Hero falsely; Who Are You Really?” He wonders why this skinny guy is calling himself a Hero and asks him to give valid reasons. All Might replies that he never claimed anything in his life, but he felt spurred to action. But he couldn’t sit and accept when citizens were losing their lives. All Might adds that he worked to make the world a better place.

But he has completed his course, and this is the result of his class. All Might reveals that he protected his disciple, but he didn’t tell him to care for himself. It is hard for him to explain since he feels that he is the one who stays away from Heroes and Heroism. Stain gets furious after hearing that, but he continues to listen to All Might’s story. All Might reveal how he lost his muscular body while saving that lady. Stain left the scene saying that he is the Stain who murdered forty heroes to fix this society.

My Hero Academia

My-Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 327 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 327 will be released on Sunday, 26 September 2021. This manga delayed the recent My Hero Academia Chapter 326, but it has returned to the Sunday schedule after releasing the latest chapter on Friday. The return of Hero Killer Stain will reveal more in the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia. You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 327 online on VIZ.

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 327 Spoilers

We will update the spoilers here as soon as they are out! Stay tuned!

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