Reaction Of The Walking Dead Fans Over Dog’s Life Was Shocking

As we know that in the world of us humans Dogs are the favorite pets and companions to have. This is because they never leave the side of their owners who are more of their companions. So, having a dog is a normal thing in our world but having a dog in the World of The Walking Dead is pretty rare.

We didn’t get to see any of the main cast have any dogs until recently. Now, that we have one, it seems pretty normal for the fans to be reacting about it and just not wanting to part ways with a dog which has become really popular in The Walking Dead community. So, what really happened actually was that Daryl who is played by Norman Reedus, his dog gets caught up in a blizzard and ends up in peril.

It seemed difficult for the Dog to survive and fans lost their heads over it. So, let me explain in a bit detail what happened, there was an explosion which forced the Alexandrians to move to a different place and they chose to go to Aaron’s place. Aaron is a character played by Ross Marquand. When Judith saw the dog in an awful situation, she couldn’t help but go and help the dog out.

Unfortunately, the blizzard was too much to overcome for Judith who was frostbitten along with the dog. At this point, all seemed gone and it looked like Judith will die a heroic death along with the dog who she was trying to save.

walking dead Daryl's dog

Most fans went all crazy at this point, but fortunately, both Judith and the dog were rescued by none other than Negan who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Judith is being played by Cailey Fleming. Just imagine the praise that Negan would have got after saving the duo especially the dog.

Well, it sort of sounds funny that a dog’s life was more important to fans than Judith’s but its true. Angela Kang who is The Walking Dead showrunner had previously said that she didn’t have the heart to kill the dog. She admitted that dog has become an instant favorite among the fans and that Daryl who is a character who likes to explore new places and just go out more was the perfect character to which a companion like a dog suited the most.

She also said that she was waiting when she would introduce a dog into the series, and Daryl’s character gave them this opportunity to introduce a dog in the series at last. Negan who was previously a villain in the series has turned his character after saving both Judith and the dog. For those who are yet to watch The Walking Dead series know that you all are missing out on a lot.

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