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Spoilers & Preview: RE-MAIN Episode 3


A national water polo title had an accident after winning his title. Minato Kiyomizu went into a coma, and a year passes after he wakes up. Minato has lost his memory, and he is now in high school. Let’s find how Minato will get back to the spot after facing such a tragic incident on the lates episode of RE-MAIN. The episode begins with Chinu kissing Minato, who asks why she kissed him. Chinu said it means the rumors were true. Minato wonders what she is talking about, and she told him about his memory loss.

Minato remembers nothing and wonders if he dated Chinu in the past. Chinu told Minato to drop his ideas since she is meeting with him for the third time. The first time they met was in grade nine at a spring event. Minato dropped his towel on purpose to get Chinu’s attention. Chinu told her about his towel, and he went back to pick it up and thanks her. The second time they met was near the school building in summer, and Minato is the one who came to Chinu’s school. Minato told Chinu that she liked her and confessed.

Chinu rejects him, and Minato said when he becomes Japan’s best water polo player Chinu owes her a kiss. That is why Chinu kissed her now, and she reminds him that he said he would pay her 110000 yen if he fails and Chinu accepted the offer. Minato thinks that he made a huge bet. Chinu reveals that since Minato won the Momotaro Cup, she kept her part of the promise; she wonders why he is wearing Yamanami’s uniform since their team is not strong.  Minato replies that he is not playing and their team is nearby his home.

Previously on RE-MAIN Episode 2

The episode title is ”I’m No Progidy.” Chinu gets disappointed that Minato quit the spot. Minato replies that he can’t remember the rules. Chinu said it means she has won the bet. Later, Eitaro met with Jo Jojima, who Minato thought was dumb for high school. Eitaro replies that Minato is not playing, and Jo Jojima wonders why Minato is not playing. Jo Jojima gets disappointed since he looked up to Minato as his star of hope.

Eitaro reveals that Minato is stepping away from water polo for good. Minato dashed towards the two and said he would join the water polo club. Minato signed the club enrolment form Water Polo. He realizes that the bet is still on, and if he quits, he will pay the 110000 yen to Chinu with interest.  Chinu reminds Minato about the other part he can’t remember that if he is Japan’s best in high school, Chinu will date him.



Water Polo Club

Minato got motivated by Chinu’s words and decided to rejoin the water polo club. Chinu also told Minato that he told her if she refuses, he will pay 220000 yen, and if he is not the best. Minato realizes that he would pay 330000 yen if he failed, and Chinu has kept her promise of a kiss. Chinu reminds Minato that he was not like this in the past, and he was not the guy who gives up. Minato wonders why he has become so weak.

Chinu decided to leave Minato, who wanted to increase the bet. Chinu looks back and reminds him that the point is not about the stake; it is about not giving up. She told him if he can’t become Japanese’s best, he can become Okayama’s best. Minato wanted to complain, and she told him to give her 330000 yen if he is giving up. Later Minato realizes that he has to work hard and achieve his dream since he was once a champion.

In the evening, Minato told his family about rejoining the water polo club. Minato realizes that telling his family will give him motivation not to quit. His mom told him not to force himself if he is not feeling free. Minato replies that water polo is calling him or it will get his wallet. The family enjoys dinner with Minato, and they also tease him to give him courage. The next day Minato practices with Jo Jojima and Etaro.

RE-MAIN Episode 3 Release Date

RE-MAIN Episode 3 release date is 25 July 2021. You can watch RE-MAIN online on ANIPLUS, Funimation, and Bilibili; you can look at Preview & Recap: My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 17.

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