One Punch Man’s first season came out in 2015, and I think you all know that it was a big hit. We were all amazed by how well the show was written, and animated at the same time. Despite it’s staggering success, the show didn’t return immediately. Of course, this is to be expected when Madhouse is in charge of a show.

One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date

One Punch Man Season 2: Everything We Know

They may give you great pacing and consistent animation, but Madhouse has delayed the sequels to so many shows that I’ve lost count. With One Punch Man, it was the same. The show has now been taken over by J.C Staff, as it was announced towards the end of 2017. A release date for One Punch Man Season 2 was also announced back in August. We all thought that the show would come out in 2020.

However, at the One Punch Man event that was held on August 12, 2018, we came to know that J.C Staff is aiming for an April 2019 release. I’m very happy that the show is coming out earlier than expected. However, at the same time, I’m very confused. From what I’ve heard, the show’s hadn’t even begun production in August.

They released a trailer that you can barely call a trailer. It didn’t feature any new animated scenes since they haven’t animated much of it yet. The staff has a very short span of time to produce something that people have sky-high expectations for, due to the marvelous first season was done by Madhouse. I’m afraid that the new One Punch Man season just won’t be as good as we expect it to be.

Either way, the show is set to return in April 2019, and most shows usually come out within the first seven days. I expect it to come out early in April. I know you all are excited for One Punch Man Season 2, and I am too. Let me know your thoughts regarding the second season of One Punch Man in the comments section! I’ll see you guys soon.


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