Ever since the Tournament of Power was announced and we knew for sure that Gohan was going to be participating I, along with many others were very excited to see what Gohan was going to do. That excitement was intensified with the episodes of Gohan gaining his fighting spirit back, and honing his senses.


Then, the Tournament of Power started and we really haven’t seen much from Gohan.. Yeah Gohan has had some decent fights but it’s been nothing compared to what we all know he’s capable of. Gohan has the power that Goku feels comfortable going at him with Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken. That would mean Gohan is incredibly strong! So how has these lower level fighters from other Universes been able to push back Gohan so far? There may of been a clue in the newest episode of Dragon Ball Super!

In the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, Episode 118 Gohan and Piccolo were facing off against the last two standing warriors of Universe 6, which happened to be Namekians- Saoneru and Pirina. As you would expect these were not your run of the mill Namekians. These Namekians in preparation for the Tournament of Power gathered as many Namekians willing to fuse with them in order to increase their strength. Normally that would be a tall order, especially for a Namekian like Piccolo seeing how Piccolo only has 2 Namekians fused with him: Kami and Nail.



You would think this wouldn’t be too much of a challenge for a Warrior with the power like Gohan! So why did it look like Gohan was being pushed back by these Namekians from Universe 6? Surely Gohan must have the power and capability to get the upper hand on Saoneru and Pirina even if just long enough for Piccolo to charge up his attack. Gohan may of told us himself.. Gohan said to Piccolo “If they are made up of that many Namekians we shouldn’t have to worry about killing them”.

Could this mean that Gohan has been holding back this whole time out of fear of killing someone accidentally? It would make sense, Gohan being the most thoughtful of the participants of Universe 7 he would worry about the rules the most. Not only that, Gohan has such confidence in his power and ability that he feels he doesn’t need to fight at full strength, only increasing his strength as needed to ensure he doesn’t kill his opponent.

What are your thoughts? Who left in the Tournament besides Jiren would make Gohan fight at full power? Keep the discussion going by leaving your opinion and ideas in the comments down below! Thank you for joining the discussion!