Game Of Thrones Season 8: Teaser, Release Date, And Theories

Game Of Thrones Season 8 release date

Hey everyone! Today we’ll discuss the most famous TV show there ever is: GOT. GOT ended it’s season 7 with an epic finale which contained may reveal. Jons heritage, Rhaegar and Lyanna’s marriage, Rhaegar’s annulment of previous marriage, the Ice Dragon and The Night King break down the wall. All of these were magnanimous scenes that have no match in the history of Television.

I for one cannot wait for Season 8 to be aired on HBO again. While we know Season 8 is going to be the last of all, we must also keep in mind the spin-off series on which work has begun already. The prequel to GOT will either deal with the previous history of Westeros or something; it’s not clear.

GOT Season 8: Teaser

Season 8, as you may know, is in the post-production stage currently. We saw a brief teaser from HBO that contained clips from 2019’s HBO schedule and GOT occupied a place in the teaser.

Although the teaser doesn’t give away anything since it’s 2019’s HBO roaster. But we do see Jon back in Winterfell, hugging Sansa. Sansa gives a suspicious look from what it appears to be.

GOT Season 8: Release Date

At 2018, Television Critics Association, it was revealed by HBO’s programming President Casey Bloys specifically that GOT would come to our screens in the first half of 2019. Speaking further about Season 8, Casey assured us it’s going to be great.

I would place my bet in April or May of 2019. We do not have a firm air date as of now. Rhaegar Targaryen portrayed by Wilf Scolding recently spoke in an interview about the release date of GOT. He seemed to suggest that it would be out in April 2019.

GOT Season 8: Fan Theories

Could we guess what season 8 is going to be like? Sure. I mean the cast and the crew are very strict this time around, given the previous episodes of online leaks of GOT. We do know a few things here and there.

First off, Night King and Ice Dragon are going to destroy King’s Landing as recently we saw a lot of activity in Kings Landing. The set appeared to look damaged.

Game Of Thrones Season 8

Next, Emilia Clarke in a recent interview suggested that the ending on GOT will not satisfy everyone. Some people will scream and go that’s what we wanted, and some won’t be happy about it, according to Emilia.

Other reports suggest that everyone dies at the end of Season 8. We’ve heard reports of shooting at various locations around the work. Kit Harington who plays Jon was seen shooting at Dubrovnik by a fan. He has also seen filming scenes with Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) and John Bradley ( Samwell Tarly).

There are reports of Daenerys sacrificing herself for seven kingdoms. There are reports that Sansa could betray Jon on seeing Daenerys in Winterfell. Reports also suggest that Cersei becomes the Night Queen, Jon might not to able to take the throne after all due to his pledge to the Nights watch, Arya could die, Jamie is Azor Ahai, etc.

GOT Season 8: Episodes

This Season is going to be the shortest of all, with six episodes in the bag for us. The writer of the series GRRM has assured us of a bittersweet ending. Let’s wait patiently for the iconic show to air.


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