Kiten is under attack by the three shining generals of the Diamond Kingdom. The Golden Dawn responded in the scene and are fighting against the mages from the enemy kingdom. Asta and Charmy managed to convince Yami to take them to Kiten. Just as when the last episode ends, William Vengeance cast a very powerful looking spell. We will finally know William Vengeance power in Black Clover episode 52.

Black Clover Episode 52 – William Vengeance’s Real Identity

Yami, Charmy (Lah), and Asta will find Finral who is doing his daily dose of flirting in the Royal Capital. The Black Bulls will then arrive in the scene and will witness William Vengeance’s World Tree Magic. Vengeance’s magic almost wiped out all the Diamond Kingdom forces except the three shining generals. Yami went up to where William is and confronted him. After all, the Golden Dawn captain reminds him of Licht.


Meanwhile, Asta and Charmy will witness how Yuno will defeat one of the Shining Generals. He will then notice Asta’s presence and will greet his old friend. Of course, Charmy is happy to see her meal saving prince. The only one who has a sour mood is Langris when he met his big brother Finral. There are some skirmishes between Charmy and Bell, but this will be distracted by the arrival of Yagos who held some people captive with his mucus magic.

While Langris decided to sacrifice the captive people, Finral stopped him, and the Black Bulls took charge. Charmy propelled Asta and Finral warped him so that he can strike Yagos behind using his sword. Asta made some Roronoa Zoro sword style fighting out there. In the end, the Black Bulls saved the day again.

Meanwhile, Yami and William resume their conversation. Yami asked William to take his mask away and reveal his real face. William did that and Yami is shocked to see the truth. William’s face is covered with a nasty scar, and it is not transformation magic. Is he Licht or not? We will know the answer in Black Clover episode 52.


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