Black Clover Anime Is Extended Beyond Episode 51

Black Clover Season 2

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover, which is adapted to anime by Studio Pierrot was originally only intended to broadcast 51 episodes for its first season. The anime is currently just released its 48th episode, and it was supposed to end after three episodes. However, the series was given another chance because the anime might live to see another arc done.

Black Clover Is Not Ending After Episode 51

Black Clover’s Water Temple arc is nearing its end, and it seems like this arc will end the season one of the series. However, the French website for Crunchyroll announced that the anime would continue even after the Water Temple arc. Which means that the next arc, the Witch’s Forest Arc, is likely to be animated in next. Based on the anime’s pacing, this arc might have ten episodes or more.

Even though this news seems like good news for Black Clover fans out there, fans’ reactions were mixed; this is because of the anime’s reputation of mixing filler episodes with canon ones, slow pacing, and the undeniably bad animation in some scenes. It made anime fans debate if this extension is a good thing or a bad thing. Here’s the trailer for the new arc which shows Asta in his demon form.

Things To Look Forward In Black Clover

In the next arc, another character backstory will be shown, and now, it is Vanessa’s turn. She will come back to her previous home in which she ran away from because she was caged and was never free. It turns out, that what Asta needs *spoiler alert* to heal his broken arms is the medicine that only the Witch Queen has *end of spoiler*.

Black Clover

In this arc, we will also get to see what would happen if Asta breaks the limit of his Anti Magic. We will finally see Asta’s Anti-Magic form in the next arc of Black Clover.


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