Attack On Titan Revealed The Father Of Historia’s Child

Attack on titan 108

Attack on Titan chapter 108 was just released recently with some revelations that we’ve been asking for since the last chapter. First of all, we all learned the consequence of Historia’s pregnancy and how she is being influenced by someone to delay Zeke’s death. In the last chapter, her child’s father is also revealed. And last but not the least, the Survey Corps are now doubting Eren’s loyalty.

The Father Of Historia’s Child Revealed

In the latest chapter, it was revealed that Historia’s pregnancy is not expected by the executives of Paradis. While some of them seem neutral or restraining themselves to voice what they think, one gentleman is stating how Historia’s pregnancy has ruined their plans. On the other side, there seems to be someone that forced Historia to get pregnant. That person was only seen in the last chapter wearing a black hood. This person’s identity is still not revealed, but other people assume this is Yelena.

Meanwhile, the biggest question that we had since chapter 107 is answered…partially. We all know that the father of Historia’s child is an unnamed character who used to bully Historia during her childhood. People on the Reddit call him “Farmer-kun” because he has no name yet. Majority of the readers think that this guy is just a random guy and will not play an important character.

Some people also think that Farmer-kun is just a decoy to prolong Zeke’s life. He might not be the father of the child, but he claims he is so that everything is easier to explain to the MP. This might be a part of someone’s plan, and most likely the plan of the hooded figure from the last chapter.

Marley Counterattacks

We all saw how Nicolo delivered the wine to the MP executives and it is implied that the wine is actually poisoned. Thankfully, most of the guys are drinking tea (or coffee). If the wine is poisoned, Nicolo and the other Marleyans will be the first to be suspected. So why take the risk?

Attack on titan 108

It seems like the Marleyans on Paradis is already contacting the force in Marley. Reiner proposes that the Marley attacks Paradis while everyone is thinking that they’re not gonna attack. And to further make things easier for Marley’s attack, killing the heads of Paradis Military Force is a good strategy.

Whether this is the case, time is getting shorter and we might see another battle unfold soon. We still don’t know about Zeke and Eren’s plan so it is still impossible to make predictions. In the next chapter, we might see Armin and Mikasa talking to Eren in his cell to clear things out.


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