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Preview: Racket Boys Episode 7

Racket Boys Episode 11 Release Date
Leading cast Tang Joon-sang, Lee Jae-in, Kim Kang-hoon, Lee Ji-won, Choi Hyun-wook, and Sun Sang-yeon (Credit: SBS)

Racket Boys Episode 7 release date and preview is the awaited one as it will feature the tournaments and the characters dealing with their problems. Furthermore, the episode is going to premiere soon, which is building up more excitement among the viewers. The series shows the mundane normal lives of normal school-going teenagers. Well, one can relate to their high school times after watching the series. During the high school days, everyone only has problems concerning how to win competitions and develop themselves. The series is about the same thing. The only difference it focuses on the badminton sport. 

Furthermore, who does not have high school crushes? Can our pairs in the show develop their relationships and express their feelings? Or Will they stay silently like a friend with each other? We saw in the last episode how Hae Kang and Se Yoon are still reluctant to express their feelings? But, we definitely are seeing the increasing developing romance between Han Sol and Bang Yoon Dam. Can the boys win the tournament and defeat their opponents? Will Hae Kang be ousted by someone even before the battle begins?

Racket Boys Episode 6: Recap

Racket Boys Episode 6 begins with the boys deciding to skip their training. They went to explore somewhere after getting nervous about the upcoming tournament. However, they lose all their money as Yong-Tae lost it somewhere. Thus, the boys got left without money in another town. They decide to go to do labor jobs for one day for the money. The boys did the labor jobs for a day. However, we see Yong-tae never lost the money. But, only tucked in his inner pocket and thought that he lost the same. At last, they arrived home. They go to the coach thinking he will punish them. However, to their amazement, he forgives them. The last episode also featured how Hae Kang and Se-Yoon are reluctant to express their feelings.

What is the release date of Racket Boys Episode 7?

One of the glimpses of the Racket Boys featuring Han Se-Yoon and Lee Han-sol (Credit: SBS)

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Racket Boys Episode 7 Release Date

Racket Boys Episode 7 release date is June 21, 2021, at 22:00 KST on the SBS TV network. Hence, there is only one day left until the coming of the new episode. It is coming on the upcoming week’s Monday. Furthermore, the upcoming week will also saw the release of episode 8 of the Racket Boys. Thus, the series is reaching its midseason in the next week. 

Racket Boys Episode 7 Preview

Racket Boys Episode 7 preview will give a slight glimpse into what the next episode will feature. In the preview, we see how Yoon Hae Kang is practicing badminton alone and thinking that they are nothing in comparison to him. Han Se Yoon says about Hae Kang hyped up about crushing Park Chan. In one glimpse, Hae Kang is lying down in the court after practicing and thinking something. Another opponent who knows Han Sol comes in episode 7. They meet each other while she was with Bang Yoon Dam. The boy greets Han Sol and says long time no see. Furthermore, he asks her if she had already fallen for Bang Yoon Dam. However, it seems Han Sol is not happy to see him. On the other hand, Bang sees her and wonders how they know each other.

In one instance, we see Han Sol practicing badminton. But, Park Chan is also there sitting and watching her. Then, Se Yoon says that Han Sol is completely frustrated. However, Bang Yoon says encourages her and asks not to worry. Furthermore, he says her to only focus on the game. On the other hand, Lee Yong Tae is also having his own problems. He admits to having no confidence and wanting to hide. The coach went to see him, and he admits the things in front of him. Park Chan appears in the upcoming episode. He talks with Se Yoon and wishes her good luck. Furthermore, he says her not to get hurt.

Hae Kang witnesses Se Yoon talking to Park Chan. He comes and intervenes, asking Se Yoon what she is doing. It seems he is getting jealous somewhat. Meanwhile, Han Sol says about Se Yoon not behaving like herself. Lee Seung-Heon comes face to face with Hae Kang and already making plans to take down him. 

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