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‘Racket Boys’ Drops New Character Stills and Description

Racket Boys Release Date
One of the stills for the character depicting Yoon Hae Kang (Credit: SBS)

The upcoming sports drama in SBS, Racket Boys, saw the release of new stills recently of the leading young characters and cast. It also gave a brief description of each young character. The drama will portray a youth group belonging to a rural town. They have the dream of becoming badminton players. Jung Bo Hoon is helming the show as a screenwriter with Jo Young Kwang as its director. Racket Boys stars Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Ji Won, Oh Na Ra, Lee Jae In, Tang Joon Sang, Kim Kang Hoon, Son Sang Yeon, and Choi Hyun Wook in the leading roles.

The first stills set show the badminton team’s four ragtag members sitting together. They are Tang Joon Sang, Kim Kang Hoon, Son Sang Yeon, and Choi Hyun Wook. The next stills provide a glimpse into each of the characters. Recently, Racket boys also dropped its promotional teaser poster with the six young characters. The look of the promotional poster itself is very colourful, with the six young characters going after their dreams and bright future. Let’s have a look at the description of each of the character.

Racket Boys: Tang Joon Sang as Yong Hae Kang

Character Stills for Yong Hae Kang

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Racket Boys, actor Tang Joon Sang, will play the character of an aggressive student who is always into competitions. His onscreen name will be Yoon Hae Kang. Hae Kang used to play baseball in Seoul, but later on, he had to change schools against his will. When asked about his character, Tang Joon Sang states that he is quite happy and enthusiastic about his character where he had to bring the character to life onscreen only after showing his voice through the script reading. He further adds that he is quite fascinated by his character and is eagerly waiting for the badminton scenes.

Racket Boys: Song Sang Yeon as Bang Yoon Dam

Character Stills for Bang Yoon Dam

Racket Boys, Song Sang Yeon, from upcoming Sports Drama, will play the character of Bang Yoon Dam. Yoon Dam is the captain of the badminton team and possesses the skills of a true leader. He is one of a kind of attention seeker and is always on his phone, dreaming about completing 100,000 followers on Instagram someday. The actor stated that during the initial shootings, Sang Yeon was quite apprehensive and excited about his character. He also mentions his cast and crew, stating that they all had good chemistry from the very beginning and looks forward to entertaining the audience in the present difficult times.

Racket Boys: Choi Hyun Wook as Na Woo Chan

Character Stills for Na Woo Chan

Racket Boys, upcoming Korean drama, actor Choi Hyun Wook, will play the character of Na Woo Chan, who is also known at the team as a hip hop boy and fashionista. His sweet and warm attitude also seems to be the mediator between the varied personalities in the badminton team. The actor states that he is quite nervous and also at the same time excited about the drama and mentions how everyone can witness this drama regardless of age, from children to grandparents.

Racket Boys: Kim Kang Hoon as Lee Yong Tae

Kim Kang Hoon as Lee Yong Tae

Racket Boys actor Kim Kang Hoon will play the role of Lee Yong Tae. Yong Tae is known to lift the moods of the team and has great knowledge about badminton, and will be seen expressing the same through his monotonous talks and gossips. He is known to be a big fan of the badminton player Lee Yong Dae and rigidly follows him for everything. The actor stated that he was both excited and afraid of working in a sports drama. He is still into the practices of badminton for his role and requests everyone to watch out for him.

Racket Boys: Lee Jae Yi as Han Se Yoon and Lee Jae Won as Lee Han Sol

Character stills for Lee Jae Won and Lee Han Sol

Racket Boys will see actress Lee Jae In and Lee Jae Won, as Han Se Yoon and Lee Han Sol, respectively, in the upcoming Sports Drama. Both of them are star members of an all-girls school badminton team which is the top school for badminton throughout the nation. Both of them like to practice with each other and also compete with each other as rivals. When asked about their characters, the actresses stated that they are quite excited about working in a sports drama.

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