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Ra Yi Eon Has Affirmed, Something Good Is Going To Happen In ‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 9’

Secert Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9 release date
Secert Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9

With the historical drama approaching us with a new adventure in every episode, things might get better in ‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 9.’ At least, this is what Ra Yi Eon (Ok Taecyeon) thinks in the preview for the upcoming episode of the hit historical comedy-drama. Kim Jo Yi (Kim Hye Yoon) will also accompany her on the mission. But, things are going to get emotional for our female lead. Anyway, the fans are ready for the next twist in the drama, and their excitement for Secret Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9 is increasing every day. So, here are all the details you need for the upcoming episode.

The soaring tension between Ra Yi Eon and Park Tae Seo (Lee Jae Kyoon) was at its peak in the last episode of Secret Royal Inspector & Joy. Moreover, Kim Jo Yi’s past encountered her once again. But, with the help of her new team, she was able to get over all the tension.

In Secret Royal Inspector & Joy episode 8, things got a little out of hand at the mountain top. However, Ra Yi Eon, along with his crew, managed to calm the situation. But, what will happen now that Park Tae Seo and his equally evil brother are in the picture?

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 9 Release Date and Preview

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9 will release on December 6, 2021, at 10:30 PM KST. The upcoming episode will drop on a Monday, as per its broadcasting schedule, with a run time of 70-80 minutes. Being a tvN exclusive, new episodes are released in the country via the cable network.

The preview for Secret Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9 begins with a voiceover informing the audience that everything is going to be fine soon, while Kim Jo Yi looks for someone, with immense hope in her eyes. It is later revealed that she is looking for a woman named, Turukson. During her search, Jo Yi meets another woman, who decides to help her in her quest to find Turukson.

The screen immediately then changes to Ra Yi Eon, while Kim Jo Yi gets emotional as she sees someone and calls for her ‘mother.’ Ra Yi Eon discovers another clue to finding the real culprit. Lastly, in the end, Jo Yi crashes into Ra Yi Eon as they stare into each other’s eyes, and Ra Yi Eon says, “Something good is going to happen.”

Well, a lot of good things are awaiting the fans in episode 9. For instance, Kim Jo Yi meeting her mother, Ra Yi Eon getting closer to his ultimate mission, and Ra Yi Eon and Kim Jo Yi realised their feelings.

Stick to the schedule and learn about the new thunder in Secret Royal Inspector & Joy in forthcoming episodes.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 9 – Online Streaming Details

While the drama arrives on the tvN cable network in South Korea, international fans can stream it online through multiple channels. Luckily, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy is accessible through 4 channels, and you can pick one as per your liking and location.

Secert Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9

cr: tvN

Rakuten Viki is the most compatible to watch Secret Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9 online. You will find the previous episodes there, too, with English subtitles. The catch is, you need to buy a subscription to access the episodes. But, the cost will not hurt your pockets. So, to enter the world of Kdramas and other Asian shows, get your Viki subscription now.

WeTV is another option to stream the drama online, and just like Viki, you will require a subscription to watch it online. Viu and iQiYi, on the other hand, also allow you to stream Secret Royal Inspector & Joy. But, the service is available in selected regions only.

The New Villian – Episode 8

Since the beginning of the drama, we have kept all our bad words reserved for Park Tae Seo. But it looks like his contender or villain 2 is finally showing his true identity. It’s none other than Park Tae Seo’s brother, who is ready to create more problems for Ra Yi Eon and his team.

Secert Royal Inspector & Joy episode 9

cr: tvN

Park Tae Seo creates problems for Ra Yi Eon by turning White Ghost into a Mine land. Meanwhile, his half-brother, Park Do Soo (Choi Tae Hwan), gives a mischievous smile, almost as if he was planning something eviler.

What are the Park brothers thinking? Wait for the next episode to find out.

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