Queens Season 1 Episode 12: What Happens Next?

Queens Season 1 Episode 12
Queens Season 1 Episode 12

Queen Season 1 Episode 12 will return in February after a small break. Firstly, on the last episode of Queens, our gals went to start a new gig with Lady Z (that’s Zadie if you’re having trouble keeping up with the names). Also, we also saw how Jill had to cope up with some trouble with her past. She had to deal with her dad. Lastly, Naomi had to cajole Zadie. Be sure to read our recap.

The Nasty Bitches, a group of four friends from high school whose coolness has made them famous in the hip-hop world, are a fictional girl group that had its days of thunder and now, away from public view in the later years. Despite the fact that their story is set in the glamorous pop world of the 1990s. The Nasty Bitches’ four members now reunite in their 40s, thanks to the initiative of their nostalgic former manager, for a second chance at superstardom.

Queens Season 1 Episode 12
Still from Queens Season 1

Queens Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

Madison Pierce, a well-known actress, best known for her role in the popular TV show “Annacadabra,” is released from prison in the first episode. Jill has freed her from prison and decided to sign her to Nasty Girl Records. Naomi tries to persuade Valeria to release her album early, three days prior. Resonance, a well-known Latin artist, has noticed her and wishes to collaborate with her. Her album is sure to be a hit if she can impress his fans.

Valeria wants to rap in Spanish and connect with her Puerto Rican roots, while Resonance wants to reach an American audience. Valeria is convinced that Resonance is a gringa. And she refuses to rap her verse in any language other than English. Jill and Madison work on the Anacadabra set, and Jill sees her mother pressurize and guilt her into taking Adderall. Madison is upset, but she takes the pill in front of her mother. Meanwhile, Naomi is looking for new talent on Soundcloud when she receives a call about Jojo missing school.


Jojo hasn’t been to school in two months, and she has been hanging out with kids from LA who have caused her to reconsider her career path. She confides in Eric and Naomi, nervously, that she wants to be a rapper. Naomi says she can’t throw away her education, but Eric says it’s a good thing she’s been thinking about new things since leaving Georgia. Naomi tells Eric to stay out of it but then asks him to support her when she demands that Jojo return to school. Jojo tells Naomi that she’s an adult who can do whatever she wants. But Naomi counters that she’ll follow her rules if she’s living under her roof, and Jojo storms out.

Valeria senses something is wrong when Naomi confronts her about leaving Resonance. Jojo only wants to do what she did, she reminds Naomi. But Naomi is concerned that the industry will be too harsh on her. Valeria is irritated that Naomi doesn’t understand where she’s coming from with Resonance, and she tells her that she seems and wants everyone to follow her expectations rather than their own.

Rock The Mic Out!

Jojo tries to persuade Eric to join her side in the studio by explaining her love of hip hop. She tells him she’ll be dropping out of school regardless, but she wants to record something first to see if she’s capable. He agrees to let her record a song, and she destroys it in the studio! Madison’s voice on Anacadabra is shown to Naomi and Valeria, and they are convinced she is too corny for their label. Jill suggests diversification. But Valeria is unsure they should get involved in the effort to end her conservatorship. Valeria is shocked to learn that Madison has been detained for shoplifting.

Madison wanted to get caught so she could get away from her mother, Jill realizes after picking her up from jail. Her mother has complete control over her outside of jail. Madison has promised Jill that she will assist her. And the first step is to find a way for her to be financially self-sufficient. Jojo expresses her gratitude for Eric’s assistance at home. He says he’ll talk to Naomi tomorrow if Jojo goes to school. But she breaks her promise and uploads the music to SoundCloud without his permission.

Despite Naomi and Valeria’s reservations, Madison is given the opportunity to sing, and she clutches out a melody about finding herself on her own. When her mother arrives, the women are impressed by her voice and support her, but Jill loses her spot on Anacadabra right away.

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Where To Watch Queens?

If you want to watch Queens, simply tune in to ABC during its airtime. If you missed it during the broadcast, you can watch it online via the app or its website. For that, you will need to provide your cable login credentials consult your cable provider for further details. Additionally, if you’re part of the cable-cutter crowd, you can watch Queens via Hulu. Moreover, Disney+ via Star streaming hub in some countries. Also, if you live in India, Disney+Hotstar has Queens in exclusive.

Queens Season 1 Episode 12
Nadine Velazquez plays Valeria Mendez AKA “Butter Pecan” in Queens

Queens Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date

Queens Season 1 Episode 12 will release on February 8, 2022, at 22:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. Firstly, every new episode drops on Tuesdays. Secondly, this upcoming episode was directed by Ruba Nadda, and Zahir McGhee penned the script. With this, we conclude our coverage of Queens. Thank you for reading our article here at Otakukart, and please keep coming back to our website for daily updates on all your favorite series, shows, and movies.

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