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‘Pushpa: The Rise’ Ending Explained! What Should We Expect In Its Second Part?

Pushpa ending explained

“Pushpa! Pushpa Raj! I will not bow down!!” Several times you get to hear this tagline from the protagonist of the film, who is none other than Allu Arjun. Pushpa is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language crime action drama film. However, the movie is also dubbed and released in other languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi. This movie became 2021’s biggest earner in India! From its worldwide ticket sales, it has collected over Rs 300 crore! 

With each upcoming day, it’s breaking its own records. The movie is earning heavily in the North Hindi speaking belt. Just after 16 days of the run, its Hindi dubbed version grabbed a total of Rs 56.69 crore in the North. Allu Arjun, a megastar of the south, is enjoying huge respect and applause for his extraordinary acting and moves. In this movie, how he used to move his hand while touching his beard became the hook step of the youngsters. Even David Andrew Warner, an Australian international cricketer and a former captain of the Australian national team, had copied his hook step while lip-synchronizing his tagline.

It was released on 17th December 2021. Lately, Trade analyst Taran Adarsh had given some reports regarding Pushpa’s Hindi box office business. He captioned it by saying that Pushpa is unbeatable despite so many odds. It’s standing tall! He further reported that its 3rd-weekend collection is higher than its 1st and 2nd-week collection. 1st weekend had grabbed a total of ₹ 12.68 cr. And 2nd weekend it was ₹ 10.31 cr. However, the 3rd weekend collected ₹ 15.85 cr. 3rd week’s Friday bagged a total of 3.50 cr, which on Saturday was 6.10 cr. And finally, on Sunday, the movie collected 6.25 cr. And so, a total of a whopping 62.94 cr!

Pushpa ending explained

Allu Arjun as Pushpa

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Well, apart from the remarkable acting, shooting, cinematography, graphics, and whatnot, many more aiding factors are standing strong behind the backbone of the success of this film. And one of those factors is also luck. This is because it was supposed to face competition from “Jersey” and “RRR.” However, because of the recent spikes in the number of COVID-19 cases, they thought of postponing the release dates. And so, “Pushpa: The Rise” is enjoying its time and getting more and more screens!

And now, if you are curious to know more about the movie and also if you are a little confused about its ending, we got you covered! The below sections would help you to understand the movie with a focus light highlighting its ending. Along with that, we would also be discussing the things that we could expect in the second part, “Pushpa: The Rule.” On this note, let us begin!

Pushpa ending explained


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“Pushpa: The Rise” A look into its plot! Spoiler Alert!!

The movie revolves around a coolie whose skills and intelligence helped him move ahead and live the life of his dreams! Pushpa Raj, the protagonist of the movie, volunteers to smuggle red sandalwood, which is a very rare wood that only grows in the Seshachalam Hills of the Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. The main focal point of the overall movie was these red sanders. Even the movie starts with an explanation of the importance of these wood.

When Allu Arjun was introduced, he was working in a mill but had left that job for the sake of his respect and reputation. He asked for his resignation when the higher officials of the factory asked him to put down his leg, which was resting on his other thigh with full attitude. This was the time when one of the workers said that one day Pushpa’s attitude would either destroy him or would make him a very successful person!

When he left, another worker named Keshava followed his steps and accompanied Pushpa. Then they started working for the team of smugglers who smuggled red sanders. Here they were paid more than their previous place. The very first time when the worker’s team, which also included Pushpa and his accomplice Keshava, were cutting the wood, there was a raid by a small team of police officers. As a result of which all workers thought of leaving the wood which they had cut and run for their lives. But it was Pushpa who gave them confidence.

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He made a plan which succeeded! They had tied up all the wood logs heigh above their heads. And when the police team came, they pretended to come there to raise their cattle. The workers were introduced to DSP Govindappa. And it was Pushpa who challenged the officer. And made him afraid of their numbers in front of those few police officers. Following which the DSP and his team left the place. This achievement helped him to win the trust of their employer, Konda Reddy.

Moreover, when he gave his skillful ideas, which the team could use to smuggle those woods without the interjection of the police, Konda Reddy and others were impressed. They used to hide the wood logs in the base of the tankers and then would seal it. Following which the tanker was filled with milk. Well, it would also be worth mentioning that Konda Reddy had two younger brothers, Jakka and Jolly Reddy. Jakka was the one who used to handle the business. On the other hand, Jolly was a womanizer and also had very little awareness of the urgency of any situation.

Allu Arjun

Jolly Reddy

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Introduction of Mangalam Srinu

Mangalam Srinu was a merciless dealer who managed the red sanders syndicate. His wife Dakshayini calls Konda Reddy her maternal uncle. Srinu entrusts Konda Reddy to keep his 200 tons of stock safe. And finding Jolly incompetent, the task was given to Pushpa to handle. But Govindappa bribed two of their workers to find out that location. However, before the police could raid, Pushpa got the news. Following this, he urged everyone to throw the wood logs into the flowing river and handled Keshava with a bag filled with cash to go and bribe the official to stop the flow of the dam so that they could save the wood logs from flowing away. And according to their will, the plan was a success.

Following this, a huge party was thrown in which Pushpa was also invited. At the party, there were people from high societies like politicians, businessmen, and all. Pushpa overhears that Srinu was selling the wood at a much higher rate than what they’re paid. So he urged Konda Reddy to ask him for an explanation. But looking back at their old relations and the risk of doing so, he thought of leaving it. Well, all this is okay, but what about the heroine?

Allu Arjun

Mangalam Srinu

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Who grabbed the heart of Pushpa?

Well, Pushpa had given his heart to the daughter of the worker whom Govindappa had bribed to dig out the pieces of information. Her name is Srivalli. Rashmika Mandanna played her part as Srivalli. It was love at first sight for Pushpa. Following this, he did every possible thing to win her heart, and potentially, he had succeeded on his mission. But Pushpa got to know about all these when Srivalli was asked by Jolly Reddy to spend a night with him and had held her father captive as an excuse.

Before going there, Srivalli went to Pushpa’s house to open her heart. Following which Pushpa was both emotional as well as enraged. As a result of which, he attacked Jolly and made him temporarily paralyzed. But as a matter of shame, Jolly didn’t open his mouth that who had beaten him. But he is assured of taking his revenge.

Pushpa ending explained


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“Pushpa: The Rise” Ending Explained!

Many a time during the movie, Pushpa’s half-brother bullies him as he doesn’t believe that he is the son of his father from a woman of a low class. He says that Pushpa doesn’t have any surname! Even he disrupts his engagement ceremony during which Pushpa’s mother gets injured. This motivates Pushpa to rise higher in life. Following which Pushpa smuggled the wood directly to Chennai and grabbed a deal to sell the wood at ₹1.5 crores per ton. Konda and Pushpa agree to share equally. But before going to Chennai, he had also met Srinu to ask him one final time. But he refused, and then fans got to see a sequence of actions.

When Konda got to know that Pushpa was behind the attack on Jolly, he took him to a secluded place to kill him. But at that time, Srinu’s men came, and Konda was killed in the ambush. But Pushpa had escaped and had also saved Jakka from getting killed and earned his trust. Pushpa then had captured and killed the brother-in-law of Srinu. Following this, he invited the enmity of Dakshayini.

The MP Bhumireddy Siddappa Naidu had then appointed Pushpa to manage their syndicate when he got to know that Srinu was befooling them. Pushpa earned his trust after he cracked the deal at ₹1.5 crores per ton. Following which Pushpa saw his brightest time. But then a ruthless police officer Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat takes charge as the district’s SP. And when he bullied Pushpa in the same way as his half-brother, it seems that Shekhawat and his brother were together. Shekhawat made Pushpa call him sir.

Pushpa ending explained

Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat

And to everyone’s surprise, Pushpa behaved very nicely after the incident which took place in their first meeting. The climax came on his wedding day when he was consuming alcohol on a hilltop with Shekhawat, where he took his revolver and shot himself in his hand. And then made Shekhawat get undressed while he too did the same. Then he told him that even after he was undressed, people would salute his power. But in the case of Shekhawat, not even his dog would recognize him.

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And the same thing happened. Pushpa went to the wedding venue while wearing his underwear, and Shekhawat too went without clothes, and interestingly, his dog was unable to recognize him. And so, he killed his dog. And then, he burned the bribed money which he used to take from Pushpa. On the other hand, Pushpa sits to carry on his wedding rituals. When Srivalli asked him that what was the matter and if everything was okay, he replied that the fire is now glowing with a full flame. Someone had misunderstood Pushpa as a flower, so he made him understand that who Pushpa is! Pushpa is fire!

What should we expect in its second part?

In the next part of this film, “Pushpa: The Rule,” we can expect Similar action as Pushpa has made several enemies now. One is Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat himself, then Mangalam Srinu. And now Srinu’s wife Dakshayini as well, who is raged of the loss of her brother. As a result of which she had also slit the throat and injured her husband for sending her brother to kill Pushpa. And another villain in the film, his half-brother, can also show his more horrible face in the next chapter.

And to your interest, there is one more villain who is waiting for his turn! He is none other than Jolly Reddy, whom Pushpa had made to get temporarily paralyzed. And in the next chapter, these villains might get together to have their revenge against Pushpa. So, on one side there would be the tie-up of the villains and on the other side would be Pushpa who is a self-made man. He loves and respects his family.

As a result of all his enmity, we might see his mother and Srivalli getting in trouble. But above all, he is Pushpa! Pushpa Raj! The fire! And he will not bow down! He would handle things in his own style! The makers are willing to commence the production of “Pushpa: The Rule” in the February of this year. Moreover, they would try to release it on 17th December 2022, as they did for its first part in 2021!

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