PUBG Season 3: Release Date and Update

PUBG Season 3 Release Date Official

Season 2 of PUBG Mobile is reaching a conclusion and players are all set to see PUBG Season 3. Currently, PUBG Mobile players are on the 7th week of the second season. So what is PUBG Season 3 release date? What new items does Tencent has planned for players?

The main attraction of Season 2 was newly introduced emoticons on Royale Pass, Players were assigned weekly and daily tasks and when one would complete its task, they would receive a surprising bonus. With each 100 royal point, players can unlock a new level which comes with various exciting rewards.

The ultimate last reward in Royal Pass is a skin for UMP-9 on level 45. After that, there are no rewards up to level 70. But it isn’t the same for Elite Royale Pass, each level in Elite Royale Pass brings various rewards up to level 70.

PUBG Season 3 Release Date

PUBG Season 3 is said to release on 20th 22nd August 2018. Players around the globe will receive this new season 3 in a form of an app update. Although, season 3 is already launched in home country China. As Mega-giant Tencent and Bluehole corporation launched PUBG Mobile Season 3 in China we know a lot of ‘What to expect’ from the game.

PUBG Season 3 Inside Look

1. New Emoticons

PUBG SEASON 3 New Emoticons
PUBG SEASON 3 New Emoticons

Season 2 of the game introduced to some cool emoticons like dancing now is the time we get cooler things in Free Royale Pass, Here is the ScreenShot of New Dancing Emoticon. Besides, 2 Emoticons which were exclusive for Elite Royale Pass will be available for free in Season 3. As the “ANGRY” and “SURRENDER” Emoticons will be accessible for free. It is magnificent to see Tencent presenting the exclusive stuff for free in the forthcoming season.

2. Flight Direction Arrow And Apple

PUBG SEASON 3 New Flight And Apple

If you haven’t played the PC Version of PUBG then this might be a new feature for you. Just like the PC Version of the game, Players will now be able to see the Path of the Aircraft before the flight takes off. And while everyone is busy fist-fighting you can throw an apple….yep you heard it right. There, can you see that Apple? Throw that at others and keep everyone away.

3. New Crate


In this screenshot from the game. We can see the Skins of SCAR-L and Uzi in a soldier’s crate, following it is some new wearables like Aviator Glass, Mask, and Trench Coat. Players use their hard-earned Battle Points to unlock new wares from Soldiers Crate which is the easiest way to get new things.

4. Chicken Dinner Bonus

PUBG SEASON 3 Chicken Dinner

Well getting a chicken dinner is now being happy. When a player wins a hardcore death battle of 100 players they win “Chicken Dinner” but they still can’t eat it, now it can be used for a better purpose. By getting Some Delightful Chicken Dinners players can Unlock a few more Emoticons.

If you ask for my opinion on the upcoming new Season 3, I already love it. Tencent is being very generous in the Mobile Market and is providing players with tons of free goodies, emoticons, and skins. Although, this won’t be sufficient as Fortnite has already launched for Andriod and is soon expected to take over PUBG’s market.


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