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PS Plus Games May 2021: Prediction on Free Games

Sony’s Play at Home Initiative has already allowed players to play so many games at absolutely no cost. Every month Sony adds new games to its free-to-play library and fans are very excited before the start of every month to know what games can they expect next. With only 4 days left in the month of April, it is that time again. Sony is supposed to announce the new free games by April 28th. But, we have some leaks or predictions of the games that are going to come in May as a part of this initiative.

Let’s have a look at the list of games which may become free next month. Before that, there is a small point which we had to share. There are reports that Sony is testing a new feature where they are adding movies and TV shows as a part of the PS Plus subscription. The testing is currently taking place in Poland. These are just reports and since it is only happening in a single country, there isn’t much fuss about it. Even if Sony decides to launch a series+movie subscription within their PS Plus then it would be a great move and fans will happily welcome it. Now coming back to our topic, the free games. So here are they.

1) Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony has already revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn will be free to download from April 20th to May 14th. So you can count it as a game in both April and May, technically speaking. Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG developed by Guerilla Games. The game was released in 2017 on Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Game Character and a Creature in Horizon Zero Dawn

2) Terminator Resistance

This one is a prediction. It feels Sony is planning to add this game to the free list for the month of May. The reason for such feeling is the delay in its next-gen upgrade. The game’s PS5 upgrade was set to launch around this time but it has been delayed for a short time. Sony has been giving 1 PS5 game per month for free since November and it feels like next month the game could be Terminator Resistance.

Terminator Resistance is an action fps developed by Teyon. The game’s story revolves around the story of Terminator movies. This game was launched in November 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Terminator Resistance


3) Star Wars Squadron

Terminator is predicted as a PS5 exclusive but there are many reports of Star Wars Squadron being the free game to play next month which will be available on both PS4 and PS5. If you don’t know, 4th May is Star Wars Day and Squadrons is itself part of EA Play Access. So there are some chances of this game being free next month.

Star Wars Squadron is a fairly new game. It was launched just 8 months back in October 2020. It is a space combat game that is set in the Star Wars universe. The game is developed by Motive Studios and it was launched on Playstation 4, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Star Wars Squadrons

4) Death Stranding

Our final prediction would be Death Stranding. Sony usually launches 3 free games so we are giving 3 predictions. Death Stranding is on the list because you can find a correlation of this game with some other games which have been given for free by Sony in the last few months.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone all these games are PS exclusive which was launched on PC and Death Stranding also falls under the same category. So we expect this category to continue with Death Stranding being the next game.

This concludes the list of our predictions of the games which Sony may release for free to play as a part of the Play at Home Initiative. These are just predictions and there isn’t any surety. Just wait for two more days and you will know if these predictions were right or not. Sony usually announces the games for next month on the last Wednesday of the current month. Going by that norm, 28th April is the day of the announcement.

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