The Promised Neverland Chapter 98 – New Coordinates?

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The Promised Neverland ended the Goldy Pond arc a few chapters ago. A new arc started, and it seems like the cattle children gathered a new enemy in for searching a way to escape the demon world. Where are the allies and what will be the help that they will provide for the team? We will know more about them on The Promised Neverland Chapter 98.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 98 – A New Coordinate?

During the escape saga, if it hadn’t been for the pen that Sister Krone placed on Norman’s drawer, Emma and the kids would’ve been killed. Their first info and guide on what to do came from the Pen, which gave the coordinate for the shelter. After digging up documents, Emma and Ray went to the Goldy Pond and revealed more secrets. In other words, the pen is their lifeline when they want to get out of the demon world.

The Promised Neverland chapter 98

It is possible that the pen will give a new coordinate that they need to go to contact the allies. It is possible that the allies will also be inside the demon world since going into the human world from outside the plantations is impossible right now. Are these allies some demon resistance made by human escapees? Or are they outside the demon world? Or perhaps, are they inside the main HQ near the enemies’ grasp?

Allies Inside The Demon World

There is a possibility that the coordinate where the allies might be is somewhere near the plantations but is only well hidden. The nearer it is to plantations, the more they’ll be able to raise the survival rate of children going outside the farm for the first time. Or the coordinate might be near the main HQ itself since some of the human workers seem to be working with Minerva. The Pen that Sister Krone gave to Norman was from a human executive who dropped the pen when Krone was around.

If Emma and Ray don’t decipher a coordinate, they might at least have a clue to contact their allies. Maybe someone is just like Minerva, who uses another name that escapees can recognize. Either way, a new coordinate or a new character might appear next chapter, as the group finally decides to contact allies in The Promised Neverland Chapter 98.

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