What To Expect From Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9?

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A New Rival Arrived In Prodigal Son Season 2
A Still From Prodigal Son S02E08 Featuring Malcolm and Ainsley [Credits: Fox]

For the very first time recently, Prodigal Son came very much close to ending the story for Malcolm and his family. Will the ninth episode of the second season carry on remains to be seen. Simon Hoxley, a popular investigator from Britain, arrived intervening in one of the cases of NYPD. Thus, revealing its connection to the murder of Nicholas Endicott. The one who Ainsley had killed a year ago. Malcolm found himself in a race against time as Nicholas’ couriers are getting murdered. If the murderer or Hoxley gets first to the last link, his family could’ve been caught too.

Now the upcoming Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9 will see how the family carries on its secrets. Especially after such a close counter. So here we are, taking a look at what happened previously on Prodigal Son Season 2. Plus, what we can expect from the upcoming ninth episode in the show’s second consecutive run.

Recap For Prodigal Season 2

Previously on Prodigal Son, we opened up to the daily routine of Malcolm and Hoxley as well. While Martin continues his shift in the armory, Malcolm is invited by his mother at home before coming towards the new case. It’s the murder of Holly Corso, the boat’s chief stewardess. Malcolm joins his team and analyzes the murder. He comes to the fact the murder is personal because of two shots. The body is hanging this way accidentally until Simon Hoxley joins in, proving him wrong.

Simon Hoxley Made His Presence Felt In Prodigal Son Season 2
A Still From Prodigal Son S02E08 Featuring Simon Hoxley (Credits: Fox)

Simon Hoxley reveals his analysis and thinks the murder is one way related to a few overseas. Especially of Nicholas Endicott. This way, Malcolm finally finds himself in trouble as Ainsley is the one behind Nicholas’ murder. Back home, Malcolm discusses the arrival of Hoxley with Ainsley. He clearly states how he used Endicott’s own courier to shift his body out of the country. Ainsley finds through the internet the one who transported the body is dead as well. We are taken into a flashback where Malcolm can be seen transporting a body with a woman helping him out. The only one who might be alive around.

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Looking For The Nicholas’ Couriers

Now Malcolm is bound to get meet the girl before the killer or Hoxley does. To save himself as well as the woman.  Meanwhile, Hoxley approaches Gil for interrogation to get into deep with the investigation. While Malcolm and his team investigate the murder, Malcolm notices an invoice from Nova Shores, which reminds him of a sticker of the van through which he transported Endicott’s body.

Malcolm leaves to look out for the woman. He also calls his father Martin to let him know about the situation. Martin recognizes Hoxley and how he avoided meeting him. He also offered advice to let the last courier of Endicott die, but Malcolm doesn’t agree. He goes on to break into a seafood factory where another body might be found. It turns it’s there. It is in the freezer. Before anyone else arrives, Malcolm takes away the victim’s phone and cuts off his thumb, in turn, to unlock it later. He hides away as his team arrives on the scene.

The victim is recognized as Brian Tamashiro. Malcolm arrives at the scene pretending to be late. Everyone agrees the killer took the thumb of the Victim to use it to get to Brain’s phone as well another courier. On the other hand, Martin tries to comfort Dr. Capshaw, only to be confronted by her in turn.

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Family Slays Together Stays Together

Simon Hoxley takes his investigation to Jessica. The pleasure conversation is turned into an accusation that leads to the breakdown between them. As Simon leaves, Jessica calls in for a family meeting. While Malcolm, Ainsley, and Jessica decide to avoid Hoxley. Martin doesn’t know he is coming for him. Hoxley breaks it down for Hoxley why he thinks his family is behind Nicholas’ murder. The confrontation carries on until Dr.Capshaw interrupts.

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Malcolm is accused of Nicholas' murder in Prodigal Son S02E08
A Still From Prodigal Son S02E08 Featuring Simon Hoxley and Malcolm (Credits: Fox)

To get him to some use, Hoxley brings Martin’s son into the game, which boils him. But another interruption from Capshaw helps cool things down. Martin warns Hoxley to stay away from his family. Malcolm opens the phone up and gets the number of women he needs its Natalie. But Hoxley unexpectedly shows up. Hoxley confronts Malcolm for killing Nicholas. However, he has no proof or motive. But Hoxley is close when it comes to the weapon used to kill Nicholas.

The Ending Moments

Malcolm reaches out to Natalie finally and takes her out of town. Soon Malcolm realizes she is not the target here, but instead, she is the killer here. Malcolm is asked to step down. He does and instead uses his shortcut to reach Natalie’s next target at the ship. As in Hoxley. Now Natalie is hunting both Moxley and Malcolm.

Natalie Is The Killer In Prodigal Son S02E08
A Still From Prodigal Son S02E08 Featuring Natalie (Credits: Fox)

Malcolm pushes Natalie off the ship. Even though he tries to save her hanging by. Ultimately fails when she takes a shot at him and falls, killing herself. Hoxley and Malcolm apologize to each other and reconcile. Hoxley goes into the media to announce Endicott’s murderer is caught. Lastly, Dr. Capshaw catches Martin with Scissors. They eventually kiss to end the episode.

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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date And Preview

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9 is releasing on April 20, 2021, airing on Fox at 9/8c. There are a total of 13 episodes planned for the second season of Prodigal Son. So following the ninth episode, expect a new episode to arrive every Tuesday on Fox. Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9 will be available to stream on Hulu as well. It will also be available to buy or rent through Video-On-Demand services such as Amazon Prime and VUDU. Check out the 30-second promo for Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9 below.

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Here’s how you can watch the upcoming episode:

Date: Tuesday, 20 April
Time: 9 pm Eastern
TV Channel: Fox
Live Stream: Link 1 | Link 2

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9 is titled “The Killabustas.” The official synopsis of the episode states Bright is going against the wishes of Gill and finding himself in a case. Jessica is looking to write a book and ma want to revisit her past. Furthermore, the teaser showcases Martin planning a jailbreak as he grows closer and closer to Dr. Capshaw in the upcoming Prodigal Son Season 2 Episdoe 9.

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