Priyanka Chopra Removes Jonas From Her Name On Twitter: Are the Divorce Rumors True?

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Priyanka Chopra removes Jonas
Are they heading towards divorce?

Did Priyanka Chopra remove Jonas from her name? Lately, the frustrated atmosphere which the pandemic had created was directly or indirectly the reason for the increasing number of divorces around the world! No matter they are celebrities or common people, now and then, we hear about divorce stories circulating in the air of social media. And in between all this devastating news, another piece of information related to the Jonas name being dropped from Priyanka Chopra’s social media paved the way! Fans began speculating that were they also heading towards divorce after about three years?

So, is the news confirmed? Are they willing to end their conjugal life? Or what is the exact matter? If you are curious to know the answer to all these questions, then this article will help you to quench your thirst. As the article would open its folds, you would be getting to know several interesting facts related to Priyanka Chopra and her husband.

Well, the fans say that the rumors are unbelievable. Since their lavish wedding in the December of 2018, the couple seemed to be inseparable. And the way they capture the limelight is worth praising. Usually, they post their adorable pictures on their social media handles. And lately, they had also made a post in which we can witness that they had framed their Gathbandhan! Then why all of a sudden did Priyanka Chopra remove Jonas from her name? Are the rumors true? Let us find out!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding pictures.

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Priyanka Chopra remove Jonas from her social media handles

Many a time during several interviews, Prianka Chopra revealed that adding Jonas to her name was itself a big deal. Moreover, she once said that she was always willing to add the name of Nick Jonas to her name. As they were heading towards a conjugal life, she was quite traditional and old-school-like! And when out of the blue, she removed the surname she always wanted to have with her name. The rumors suggest the ongoing disturbances in their love life had paved the way! So, what do insiders say about this? Well, before that, let us study the ongoing rumors in detail!

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A deep dive through all the divorce rumors!

Earlier, Priyanka was using both of the surnames, the parental as well as of the husband, which used to read as Priyanka Chopra Jonas. But now, she had dropped ‘Jonas’ from her social media handles of Instagram and Twitter. She is heading forward with Priyanka! Following which the air of the internet was ignited with the rumors of their divorce. And soon, many nasty memes related to all these had covered the space! And now, the pair who used to set the couple goals for millions is the talk of the hour!

The rumors are enjoying a lot of limelight only because it’s not even a while that the fans were able to digest the sad fact of the separation of their favorite celebrity couples. Like that of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid and Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. And now, fans are wondering if Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are next on this list? Well, let us see what insiders have to say on this!

Priyanka Chopra removes Jonas
Social Media Handle of Priyanka Chopra (Present and before)

Are the rumors of their separation true?

Well, as of now, it seems that all of these rumors are depthless. And insiders are pretty much sure about this! Even the mother of the global actress had responded to the ongoing rumors. Madhu Chopra firmly said that all of the news related to her daughter’s divorce is nothing but rubbish! She also urged to stop circulating the baseless rumors. Also, one of the friends of Priyanka Chopra had given some affirmative news. She confirmed that the news that Priyanka and Nick are heading towards divorce is just misleading the fans.

And the confirmation looks real, as it is not too old that we witnessed them celebrating Diwali together. Moreover, at that time, Priyanka had also posted some pictures with the caption stating that it was their first Diwali in their first home. And so, it would always be memorable!

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And to everyone’s interest, a few hours ago, Priyanka Chopra made an eye-catching comment on one of the latest workout videos of Nick Jonas. She wrote that Damn! She just died in his arms! Which hints that the previously circulating rumors were all “depthless”!

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