Power Season 6 Release Date, Rumors And Updates

Today here at OtakuKart, we’ll be talking about Power Season 6 Release Date, Rumors And Updates. As we know that there are many fans of the crime series “Power” and since we cater to your likings and crave for more information in this post, you will know about the sixth season of this fantastic series release, cast, and the works. The social media manager of the series has been doing the work quite well because of thanks to this tweet.

We now know that season six is on the way. So there’s much power behind Power (Pun intended). Behind the scenes of the crime underworld/nightclub scene that the series Power tells its story, there have been some changes as Gary Lennon now shares the steering wheel with Courtney Kemp in regards of executive producer. In a recent interview, Courtney Kemp said that she was delighted to share the steering wheel with Lennon because of the fantastic work and contributions that Lennon has given to the show.

Power Season 5 Finale

The fifth season was full of surprises, with Kanan, portrayed by 50 Cent getting killed by the cops in a very violent manner. The final episode of the season saw Angela, portrayed by Lela Loren getting a bullet in the chest by Tommy, portrayed by Joseph Sikora as the main character, Ghost stood and watched in shock of awe and horror.

Angela is not dead, at least not yet, she is in a critical condition, and producer Courtney Kemp said in an interview that she would be seen in the sixth season leaving room to speculate on her situation. Ghost’s and Tommy’s friendship is a thing of the past, and the dynamic of that rift is what comes in the next season that airs next year.

Power Season 6 Release Date

With Kanan buried six feet under, nobody is safe in season 6. All of the regular characters are in danger and in harm’s way so expect to see Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, Tariq, Dre and La La in the middle of a gunfight, or in a bar brawl, or a drive-by shooting or anything that can happen when the mobster underworld meets the nightclub business. As for the trailer, we don’t have it yet for you for these series is scheduled to start shooting later this month.

Power Season 6 Release Date

If you’re into Power, and we know you are; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading about it. Fans would have to wait quite a while for the new season to premiere on the Starz network, as Power Season 6 Release Date is set for June or July 2019. However, if you’re new to the series, you can start watching it on Netflix and get hooked up on it. It’s a very entertaining and exciting crime drama telling the story of a murderous, sociopathic gangster thug trying to go legit in the nightclub business but the bad things of the past, like leaving a trail of corpses, angry drug dealers and gang bangers, as well as law enforcement, try to get a hold of him.

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