Power Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Update

In today’s post we’ll discuss Power Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Update. Things revolving 50 Cent’s popular Netflix and Starz series revolving the life of British, psychopathic, violence-ridden, gangster mafioso Ghost are quite stirred up after a controversial leak on a crucial scene that nobody expected, spoiling things for a bunch of people, but that is not an excuse for the show must go on.

Just as the season 5 finale ended leaving doubts on the future of Ghost as the feds, the other bad guys and his issues get a hold of him; we are left with a cliffhanger from the finale. So we need to know a little bit more about what’s coming up for the crime drama.

Power Season 6 Release Date

Power Season 6 Release Date is still not official nor is confirmed by the production company, but we do know that this season is going to take place because the show’s Instagram account confirmed that very fact in early March of this year.

We should expect that as with all previous seasons, this great show about mafia and nightclub underworld will come out in June or July next year. So if you haven’t watched the series, this is a good time to binge watch it, get hooked and start the ranting, raving and sharing all over social media and fan forums, because that’s what all series’ junkies do. Moreover, here at OtakuKart, we take pride in getting you the nitty gritty details of the shows and series that you like and enjoy.

Power Season 6 Cast

The cast remains the same for the sixth season, albeit with the current events taking place in the story arc, we believe that nobody is safe, Rest assured that Tommy, Tasha, and Ghost will make it to season six because without them we’re left with a headless chicken for a show.

Power Season 6 Cast

The cast is scheduled to start filming the sixth season this September and drop us a teaser so we can get all excited a few months after. Let’s bear in mind that as much for facts go, filming of season 5 took place in September 2017, and it wasn’t up until March 2018 that they showed a teaser trailer. So as for this post, and for the rest of the internet, sorry to disappoint you, there are no teasers, nor trailers of the next season.

Power Season 6 Update

What we can expect is that Ghost and Tasha are out for bloody vengeance for the death of their daughter, and knowing Ghost as we have gotten to know him, a fully functional sociopath with a penchant for making other people’s lives miserable, we will not stop until retribution for the death of Raina has taken place.

So we should expect a lot of plot twists, murders, and shocks of awe in this series next season, and rest assured, we here at OtakuKart will keep you posted on the latest regarding this show, so keep checking back for more.

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