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Police University Episode 13: Release Date & Spoiler

Police University Episode 13 release date
Police University

Police University Episode 13 is coming in the following week. The South Korean drama Police University has almost near its end. With each passing episode, the plot seems to thicken. Cha Tae Hyun, Jung Jin Young, and Krystal are doing an outstanding job portraying their characters very well. The storyline also has advanced so much as various evidence coming to the surface. The latest episode mainly clears some doubts and hints about who could be the head of the illegal gambling site case.

The last episode frustrated audience regarding the professor’s suspense, whether it be about Professor Seo, Professor Choi, or Professor Kwon. But it is for sure Chief Han is involved in the case to some extent. The latest episode was light and heavy. It showed adorable moments of the main couple, hilarious competition between Beom Tae and Joon Wook to win Eon Ju’s heart. However, the episode took a heavy turn when Yoo Dong met an accident and Sun Ho learning about Yoo Dong’s secret investigation. By ending, the mysterious hacker who threatened Sun Ho caught, hinting Chief Han might be behind this. Furthermore, another twist brought by the end was Kang Hee discovering about Sun Ho’s hacking case. Will the past mistake affect their relationship?

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What Happened In Police University Episode 12?

Episode 12 begins from where the previous episode ended. It shows the mysterious hacker named ‘Stranger’ threatens Kang Sun Ho to either hold his hand and save himself from leaking his hacking crime or fall with Yoo Dong Man. It becomes complicated and frustrating for Sun Ho as he does not know what to do. Meanwhile, Yoo Dong Man calls a number from Chul Jin’s mobile. But, I could not find the person who picked the call. Dong Man begins suspecting Professor Seo, Professor Choi, and Professor Kwon. Because of that, he starts studying each professor.

Police University Episode 13 release date

Police University Ep12 scene Sun Ho and Yoo Dong talking about the gambling site case

On the other hand, Sun Ho seems more troubled about the hacker matter. He eventually gets a chance to talk about this with Yoo Dong. However, there he finds that there are more people involved in this illegal gambling site case. Yoo Dong reassures him that he will soon catch them all. Hearing Yoo Dong’s warm words, Sun Ho, deletes his hacking account. It means that no matter what happens, he is on Yoo Dong’s side. Yoo Dong learns that the person who answered the call was near the KNPU (Korean National Police University). To investigate further, Yoo Dong asks Professor Choi to dine out. However, she declines, saying she has an appointment in Daejeon.

What Happens Next?

Still feeling suspicious, Yoo Dong follows Professor Choi, and all of these, Professor Kwon observes silently. Yoo Dong notices that she is going to Seoul Namdong Bu Lockup, where Go Deok Bae is transferred. However, before he finds more, he meets an accident, that too a hit-and-run cause by the ‘Stranger’ hacker. Hearing his accident news, everyone shocks. Sun Ho finds Yoo Dong was suspecting and investigating all three professors and someone from KNPU leaking the information. Therefore, Sun Ho finally decides to catch this ‘Stanger’ hacker himself. For that, he lays out all his cards flawlessly.

Police University Episode 13 release date

Police University Ep13 scene where Sun Ho caught ‘Stranger’ hacker

Once again, we get to see Sun Ho’s excellent hacking skill as he threatens and captures ‘Stranger’ aka Jang Jae Gyu. Meanwhile, Chief Han visits the hospital where Yoo Dong is admitted. Chief Han warns him to stop doing a further investigation or else Sun Ho’s hacking case will expose. However, with a major twist, the episode ends with Kang Hee hearing all of this. She discovers about Sun Ho’s hacking case.

Police University Episode 13 Release Date

Police University Episode 13 will be released on 20 September 2021 at 9.30 pm KST on KBS2 Channel. The drama premiered on 9 August 2021. It comprises 16 episodes. Unit now, twelve episodes have been released. Each episode runs for 60-65min. Every new episode of Police University drops on Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST only on KBS2. Domestic viewers can watch the drama directly on the broadcasting channel. As for international viewers, Police University will soon launch on Viki.

Police University Episode 13 release date

Police University Ep13 preview

What To Expecting In Upcoming Episode 13?

The upcoming episode 13 preview is already out, and it seems the episode will be a blast. Finally, Kang Hee discovers Sun Ho’s hacking case, which seems to disappoint her. Even Yoo Dong explains to her why he had to do that but still, it seems the things will be difficult between the main couple. Also, Sun Ho informs his friends about one of the professors being a spy or maybe even the ring leader of the illegal gambling site case. Sun Ho discovers about the vault that seems to have some crucial evidence, and he wants to find that. Another major twist, it seems the boys will have to face expulsion! The preview ends with Sun Ho opening the vault while someone holds him at gunpoint. The next episode will clear some confusion, and we will get to see the more clear picture. To know what more will happen, watch Police University Episode 13.

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