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PokemonGo: More PokeStops For Rural Areas!

rural areas

For more than a year Pokemon Go trainers in rural areas have faced a lot of problems when it comes to playing the game. Since the game was launched about a year ago, rural Pokemon Go trainers have been complaining that they were unable to make the most of the game, since there is not much location data available in such areas, which is the root cause of the problem.

rural areas

Another problem that was initially reported is that rural areas do not have many Pokemon spawns, now this one particularly true for a certain amount of time. Back in the initial days of Pokemon Go, Niantic used an algorithm based on cellular data traffic heat map. Now obviously you can expect a lesser amount of cellular data traffic in rural areas compared to downtown of big cities. This issue has been addressed to a certain extent in the game, but the problem of crappy rural spawns still needs to be worked on.

rural areas

Well, to all of those rural Pokemon Go Trainers, there are is something exciting for you guys. Remember Operation Portal Recon, we have talked a lot about it in this community. Simply put it is a way for a certain section of the people to make an edit and add points of interest(Gyms, PokeStops, Ingress Portals etc..) in Niantic AR based games Ingress and Pokemon Go.

rural areas

Now let’s talk a little about the big news for today, in a local Ingress event, there was an official from Niantic who has said that very soon, Ingress agents will be able to submit portals, to this giant shared mind palace of ours.

This leads us to believe that OPR’s portal submission backlog has finally been cleared and Niantic is really ready to take on the next major project to update the location data base in places that Ingress and Pokemon Go has not really taken off that well.

rural areas

I really for one, hope that we get to see Niantic make some arrangements to improve their database in developing countries like Brazil, India, parts of South Africa and many more places.
The reopening of Ingress portal submissions could be a key step in improving Pokemon GO’s rural game play, especially if the level requirement for portal submissions stays low. Previously there were some rumors circulating that, Niantic will be making their own version of OPR for Pokemon Go. Looking at Pokemon Go’s popularity and public reception, in general, I think making a version of OPR for Pokemon Go is a better way to go.


The Horrifying Dark Side of the Pokemon World

Many fans have played Pokemon since the original versions of the game, while other fans have been around since the manga dropped in japan. Those fans from Japan are never surprised when they find out the dark side of Pokemon first hand, while the English version seems to be edited more for an audience of teens and young children.

Many fans find out later on when their older that Pokemon are not just that cuddly pet that we all thought they were. These Pokemon actually have pretty rough lives or just do some really devious things behind closed doors.

One dark secret about the Pokemon universe is that Pokemon are used for food, though it may be no secret to us adults, kids would never know that their shiny red Gyarados could one day be apart of a 5 dollar foot long sandwich for Brock. Not to mention nearly every trainer is a kid around the age of 10 when they first start, leaving a small child who knows literally nothing about the world to an adventure on their own.

Another dark side is that these Pokemon are used similar to Dog Fighting in the real world which is highly frowned upon.

Once their Pokemon lose or die, they heartlessly get replaced as we see Ash in every new season of Pokemon replacing his team with newer Pokemon. Not to mention that these Pokemon we run into in the wild, we make them faint and leave them there to die.

It’s also pretty weird to see a group of ‘Badguys’ wanting to set free all of the Pokemon because they don’t agree with Pokemon being forced to battle for the will of humans. This shows that not everyone is exactly on board for this whole Pokemon trainer thing.

On top of that we see some Pokemon who feel the need to come kidnap children and take them away while others just straight up eat humans or children.

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