Keeping up with the tradition, Niantic gave us their latest Pokemon Go app update just a few hours ago, apparently, a few trainers have received it. There is no game-changing feature added into the game yet. But our developer team has commented that this update does have some new interesting additions as they were trying to break down the APK.

In an official Pokemon Go Live Blog post, the Developers of the game announced that the App is receiving it’s latest update with a slew of new bug fixes and performance fixes. A few highlights from this update changelog include.

Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokémon to their max CP.
Resolved a bug that caused Trainers’ contributions to reset when rejoining a Raid Battle.
Various bug fixes and performance updates.

This new app update has merely been live only for the past few hours and not anything much is known about the finer details of the update. Thanks to Google and Apple’s staggered app update methods, it might take us some time to find out what’s actually new in the game.

From what I have heard from my co-workers is that the app update seems to be pretty promising in terms of improving low-memory optimization, and performance.

A consequence of this update is that trainers now have the ability to push beyond limits and max out their Pokemon’s CP. As with this update, Niantic is finally allowing trainers to power up their Pokemon at Lv. 40.

Now that’s a decent enough change right there. If you guys are a regular reader of Pokemon Go Content you must be aware of breakpoints in Pokemon Go. Make sure you read a little about the newly updated damage breakpoints before you proceed to spend your hard earned candy.

It will take us a few more hours to get the complete APK mine done, also we are looking for recent GAME_MASTER changes that might have been made to compliment this new app update. A few recent reports point to the fact that, a few of these changes were made on the server side of things we are yet to investigate, we will keep you guys posted as soon as we have an update.


Catch This Before The Event Ends

While trainers were stoked about the newest shiny Pokemon added to the game for the Halloween event. We had thought it would be the only shiny Pokemon we would see. However, that wasn’t the case at all.

Theories suggested we would see shiny forms of all the new Pokemon for the Halloween event. Which, up until now, we were wrong. Though, as of today, Shuppet and Banette both have shiny forms now!

Don’t get your hopes up to much, though. There might be 5 new Pokemon in the game. Each with a shiny form. But As of right now it’s believed they all have the same shiny spawn rates which not much data has been collected.

There was data collected for Sableye and it appears to have a 1-250 chance of being a shiny form. Even though the chances of getting a shiny form of the new Pokemon is high than previous shiny Pokemon. That doesn’t mean every trainer will come out of the event with a shiny Pokemon.

Shuppet and Banette will be the hardest for trainers to get their shiny forms. Mostly because the shiny forms of them were just released earlier today as predicted. If you like the color blue. This shiny might be one you’ve been waiting for. Shuppet and Banette are the first Pokemon that have a different color scheme other than Yellow or Red making it very unique in Pokemon GO.

The chances of finding an evolved form of Shuppet

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