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Pokémon Go Cliff Counters In May 2021- How To Beat Him

(credits: Niantic)

Team GO Rocket leader Cliff is the toughest to counter among the three leaders. The other two are Sierra and Arlo. The changing line-up of Pokémon is the reason Cliff has become a thorn to many players. Fighting him without a prior insight to his line-up can cause unnecessary defeats. But with the right knowledge of the type of Pokémon he uses, it can be easy to counter him.

(Credits: Niantic)

Pokémon Go released under the Pokémon franchise globally in 2016. It was an collaborative effort by Niantic with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Pokémon Go is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is a free-to-play AR game which uses player’s geographical location to display Pokémon. The player can raise the level of his avatar to a maximum of 50. The game map also contains PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms. Niantic released a feature in 2018 where players can meet for Gym battles at designated locations. This received criticism as the locations sometimes fell around dangerous places. Following this, an update in 2020 made it possible to match with players over the online server. The first Community Day was launched in 2018. A particular Pokémon will spawn in large numbers and an unavailable exclusive move can be learned in this period. The Community Day on May 15, 2021 featured Swablu.

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How To Challenge Cliff Into A Match?

Team Go Rocket Grunts (Credits: Niantic)

The Team GO Rocket leader Cliff has Hideouts on the map. A Leader Hideout is located with the help of the Rocket Radar. The Rocket Radar can be obtained after collecting six Mysterious Component. These Mysterious Component are dropped by Team Go Rocket Grunts. The Grunts can be located on the map by spotting twitching and discoloured PokéStops. Fast and Charged attacks are best against them. The Grunts drop Mysterious Component after getting defeated. The Rocket Radar and Mysterious Component both require space in Item Bag. The Rocket Radar can be equipped to show the Leader Hideout. Once you reach the Hideout, Cliff will appear with his line-up of Pokémons. The player should choose him Pokémon carefully to counter Cliff. Leaders are more tougher than the Grunts.

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Current Line-up Of Cliff

Yveltal (Credits: Niantic)

Niantic announced the launch of Luminous Legends Y event in two phases in May 2021. The first phase started on May 18 and will end on May 24. The second phase will start from May 25 till May 31. The legendary Pokémon Yveltal and Sylveon are making debuts in this event. In this event, the Grunts and Team Go Rocket leaders will have Shadow Pokémon in their line-up. Fighting with Grunts will give players the chance to obtain a Shadow Pokémon they drop. Cliff’s line-up was also changed in this event. He has a total of six Shadow Pokémon to choose in a total of 3 rounds. The first round has Shadow Seedot. Defeating Cliff in the first round will give the chance to capture Seedot. He will choose from Shadow Hariyama, Kingler or Poliwrath for the second round. The third round choice will be from Shadow Torterra or Tyranitar.

Sylveon (Credit: The PokémonCompany)

How To Counter Cliff?

Shadow Pokémon are generally weaker than their original forms. With the correct idea of their weaknesses, it will be easy to counter and defeat Cliff. The Fast and Charged moves of a Pokémon are most effective against Shadow Pokémon.

Counter to first round:

(Credits: Niantic)

Shadow Seedot has average stats and limited moves. It is vulnerable to bug, fire, flying or poison. The best Pokémon to use against Seedot will be Darmanitan, Dragonite, Crobat, Roserade, Heatran and Honchkrow.

Counter to second round:

(Credit: Niantic)

After surviving the first round, Cliff will get to choose from three Shadow Pokémon from his line-up. Let’s check the counters to each.

• Shadow Hariyama: Hariyama is a basic fighter type Pokémon. This means it is weak to psychic and fairy types. Togekiss, Sylveon, Mesprit and Victini are the best choice against it.

• Shadow Poliwrath: Poliwrath will prove as a pain because of its huge range of moves. It will be vulnerable to grass, electric and psychic types. Electivire, Vileplume, Azelf and Gardevoir can easily counter with it.

• Shadow Kingler: Kingler is most vulnerable to electric and grass types. To counter it, players can use Thundurus, Magnezone, Torterra and Tangrowth.

Counter to third round:

(Credits: Niantic)

• Shadow Torterra: Torterra is a ground type Pokémon and flyers are its biggest weakness. Players can also use fire and ice types. Articuno, Dialga, Ho-oh, Genesect and Reshiram can counter it well.

• Shadow Tyranitar: Tyranitar is weak against fighting, fairy, steel, ground and water types. It is a dark/rock type Pokémon itself. Machamp, Sirfetch’d, Lucario, Breloom and Scrafty are best counters against it.

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