Pokemon 2019 Episode 98 Release Date: Exploring The Yadon Island

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Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

Satoshi’s aim still remains the same even when we have made it 98 episodes into the new Pokemon installment. This will see Pokemon 2019 Episode 98 released next as Satoshi looks forward to battling the Supreme Monarch Dande. He is on his adventure with Go, who wants to achieve a dream of catching every Pokemon and work his way up to Mew. This is the usual tale of two boys who want different things but are friends and rivals in this Pokemon world.

Their story is not new to us. But with each episode comes something new that makes it worth watching this anime. Having arrived at Yadon Island, known as the home of many Yadon. Satoshi and Go will be looking forward to catching more Pokemons on their return to this Island. It did not take long for them to find what they were looking for. As the Island nickname “Home of many Yadon” implies. They came across the Yadon right away, so it is s perfect place to go if one is looking for a Yadon.

Yadon is very friendly and is not hostile at all. They are always clumsy and sleeping, so they don’t disturb anyone who would come across them. They do have the special effect of putting people to sleep if they let their guard down and come too close to them. Their character is contagious in itself, so one needs to be careful if they go out looking for a Yadon. Because the most dangerous thing about it is not that it might attack you out of the blue. But would put you to sleep unexpectedly instead.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 98 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 98 will be released on 18 February 2022. AS usual, the anime is released and broadcast late every Friday. So it forms part of those anime that open the weekend schedule for us as we look forward to a busy schedule every weekend.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 97 Summary

With Satoshi and Go already at Yadon Island looking for Yadons (excuse the pun), they did not take long to find one. But with the Yadon’s special effect, they were caught off guards and started slumbering. Thankfully they managed to snap out of it before they could fully fall asleep.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 98
Pokemon 2019 Episode 98

They reminded themselves that they did not come to the Island to sleep but to catch Yadons. So Go immediately took out his Pokemon ball and captured one. Yadon’s data was then added to his index, but something strange then happened on the Island the ground started trembling.

It looks like there were some hostile Yadon approaching from the edges of the Island but Go and Satoshi where not aware of it. These Yadons seem to have a powerful sleep-inducing powers as they managed to affect Satoshi from a long distance.

But Go was left wondering what was happening because he had no idea what was happening. A strange breed of Yadon appeared with yellow heads and tails, unlike their usual all-pink color. They are known as Yadon Galarian form, and they are a Psychic-type of Pokemon. It looks like a new type of Pokemon as Go, and Satoshi could not recognize it at first. It is said to be only found in Galar, and it is normally zoned out.

Satoshi remembers that they were not on the Island previously, and he has called them the Galarian Yadon. This marks as the main objective of their visit, but they found even more than what they were looking for. These Yadon have a strange behaviour and for the yellow-tailed Galarian Yadon seems to have developed this trait because of the Galanuts seed that they feed on.

Where To Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 98 Online

Pokemon 2019 episode 98 will be released online on Amazon Prime video for those in the US. It will be also available on Netflix and Hulu. New episodes will be available as soon as they are broadcasted locally in Japan. So it would not matter where you are since you will be able to watch the episode online on the relevant streaming platform.

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