Spoilers & Preview: Pokemon 2019 Episode 64

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Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

Goh and Satoshi are watching an A-Race, and they are cheering for the participants. Sakuragi reveals that this is footage from the Pokemon Marine Athletic Race currently being held in Minamo City. Satoshi asks them what Marine Athletic is, and they reply that it is an open water obstacle course for Pokemon. Eevee cheers for showers thinking that one day she will enter the competition. Koharu realizes that she was told that Evee is a mysterious Pokemon that can’t evolve whatever they try.

Eevee has unstable genes in general. They think that maybe Eevee is hesitant and unable to decide what path she would take. Koharu notices that Eevee is too excited watching the Pokemon race. She thinks that is where Eeeve might evolve if they enter the competition. The team they were cheering on won, and Eevee is glad that team Showers won the race. The scientist that works with Sakuragi reveals that the Showers and Laglarge are friendly rivals.

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 63

Kikuna reveals that Shower’s trainer is a friend of hers from university. Meanwhile, at the event, they congratulate contestants Kari and Shower on their victory. Koharu realizes that Eevee wants something. She asks Eevee if she wants to meet Showers and Eevee agrees. Koharu asks Sakuragi if they can go since she wants to learn more about Eeeve evolutions. Sakuragi replies that it is a good idea since learning evolution is important.

Kikuna comments that she will contact Kari since he is a very welcoming guy, and she is sure that he won’t mind. Satoshi comments that he wants to go, and Sakuragi told the trio to go and enjoy themselves. The trio arrives at Minamo City Hoenn Region and the head to the arena where the competitions take place. Koharu and Eevee are glad that their dream is becoming a reality. Satoshi and Goh are so excited watching how beautiful the arena is. Koharu saw the guard and told him that they are here to see Mr. Kairi.

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The guard told them to head to the other side of the rock they are facing and find him there. She also reveals that behind that rock is where Kairi practices all the time. They arrive behind the rock and find Shower diving inside the water. They were stunned by Sower’s performance. Goh takes out his index data and checks what kind of Pokemon is Shower. The index data reveals that the Showers are bubble jet Pokemon and Water-type. It has devolved from the Normal-type Eevee to be suited for aquatic life.

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

Kids Marine Athletic Race

Shower cells’ composition is similar to water molecules; as result, they can melt away and hide in water. Eevee gets excited, thinking that she will end up evolving to a Shower form. Kairi appears behind them and comments that they must be Koharu, Satoshi, and Goh. Satoshi congratulates him on his last victory, and they talk about Showers and Eevee. Kairi comments that Kikuna told him that the trio wants to learn more about the Showers. He calls Shower, who greets with other Pokmon.

Showers got excited after meeting with Pikachu, Sinoru, and Eevee. He dives inside the water, and the trio follows him. They enjoy swimming with Showers while Goh, Koharu, and Satoshi talk with Kairi. Kairi saw the Pokemons swimming with Showers and comments that it is Showers for you. He reveals that the best way to learn more about Showers is to go swimming with him. He asks them if they can join the Kids Marine Athletic Race that is starting tomorrow.

They agree, and Satoshi chooses his partner for the race. Goh realizes that he has many Pokemons, and he wonders what he will choose. But he decided to go with Dewgong, and Kairi told Koharu to enter with Eevee. Koharu agrees, and they began training with Eevee. The next day they began real training preparing for the upcoming competition. Koharu and Eevee were the last ones standing, and Kairi realizes that Eevee might win the next competition.

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 64 Release Date and Preview

Pokemon 2019 Episode 64 will release on Friday, 30 April 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. You can watch new episodes of Pokemon 2019 online on Netflix. Find out who will Satoshi and Goh face in their next battle on the preview below.


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