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Platinum End Episode 2: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Platinum End Episode 2
Platinum End

Platinum End Episode 2 reveals the story of a boy who received a gift from an Angel after suffering throughout his life. The episode begins at school, where a young boy feels lonely and heads out after school. The boy arrives at the store and thinks about stealing some food. But he decided to head to the top building to die with an empty stomach. From the latest Platinum End Episode, a boy tries to commit suicide by jumping from the top building. He jumps and wakes up in space, thinking that he died.

The boy believes that Heaven and Hell exist, and when he opens his eyes, he sees an Angel saving him. He thinks that the Angel is sending him to heaven, and he is okay with it. An Angel looks at him and comments that she is glad she saved him in time. She revealed him to be Mirai Kakehashi. Mirai wonders what she is talking about, and she tells him that he would have hit the ground and die if she didn’t arrive in time. He realizes that they are still on the earth, and she saved him, which means he didn’t die.

Mirai told her to let him die, and she could drop him. An Angel replies that she is here to make him happy. She reminds him about what he said before he jumped and that he wanted to be happy. Mirai realizes that he said that, but he has given up on life. Mirai realizes that there is something that has been haunting him ever since childhood. An Agel told him that she knew about it, and it happened when Mirai was seven years old. His whole family died, and he lived with his abusive uncle.

Previously on Platinum End Episode 1

Mirai is surprised that she knows about his aunt who took him to his uncle. That is when Mirai faces pain in his life. Mirai recalls the day when his chubby uncle beat him to a pulp, and he was defenseless. He apologizes for that day, and his chubby uncle blows a smoke of week on his face. The uncle took his weed pole and squeezed it with his face. Mirai realizes that was pain, and he holds on to his boy. He told an Angel that he has no family or friends. Mirai adds that he can’t go on since his life is nothing but pain.

Platinum End Episode 2

Platinum End

An Angel told Mirai that she is bestowing him with hopes as a special-rank angel. She took him back to the rooftop and said that she would give him freedom and love. Mirai wonders what she is talking about since he wants to die. He thinks that it is stupid, and an Angel tells him about freedom. She realizes that Mirai has been living as a slave up to this moment, but there is love and family. She reminds him that everyone adores him even though he has no love or family. Mirai thinks that she is hitting him with sweet words for nothing.

An Angel guarantees him love and happiness and shows him her powers that are beyond human imagination. She unleashes an Angel Arrow that grants one with love and happiness. She adds that a man or woman struck by the Red Arrow will fall deeply in love with him. Mirai had to choose what he wanted in life, and he started to believe her. Mirai told her to give her everything or let him die. She didn’t hesitate and told him that she would give him everything. Mirai is glad that they are on good terms.

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Platinum End Episode 2 Release Date

Platinum End Episode 2 will be released on 15 October 2021. An Angel gave Mirai Wings sprout from Angel’s Necklace and told him that the Arrow is fired from the Armband. The two begin their new journey, and Mirai finds everything that he wants in life. Mirai also learned about his past and realized that he has suffered, but with his new powers, he can change everything.  Let’s look at Platinum End Episode 2 official details below.

Platinum End Episode 2

Platinum End

Watch Platinum End Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Platinum End Episode 2 online on Chrunchyroll & Funimation on Friday at 1:28 AM JST. If you are not in Japan, you can watch Platinum End Episode 2 online on Anime Digital Network & VRV via Chrunchyroll. Platinum End will update more official detail soon since the anime has recently debuted its first episode. Let’s meet when Plantinum End Episode 2 releases the next episode.

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