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Picrew Challenge on Tiktok: What is The Hype About?

Picrew challenge
Your real self with the avatar you made on Picrew

Tiktok the platform which everyone loves and enjoys. Not only TikTok, but we love all the platforms on social media. I can say social media changes the way we look at things and communicate with each other. Having such a wide range of social media platforms and everyone is a creator there, it is important to have an originality of content for each creator. The saying age doesn’t matter hand in hand with TikTok even if it is embargoed in many countries, which includes India in the list as well.

But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to watch TikTok, especially its challenges. Tiktok is considered to be the land of trends and new challenges. It’s like do anyone a viral challenge, and you can have the lead of that challenge. Other than having plenty of challenges to do, becoming familiar with, and become famous, we can try to do the Picrew trend. The trend is said to be suitable for all age groups, as I told earlier that age doesn’t matter, the challenge justifies the saying properly. So let’s just find out what this Picrew challenge is and how does this works. If you wanna know more, stick to the end of the post.

Picrew challenge

Your real self with the avatar you made on Picrew

What is the trend actually about?

Hearing the name for the first time, like many others and like you all, I also thought that it is some greek and weird challenges that we can do with our friends or with someone other. And let’s be honest, all comes in the name, especially in most of the TikTok challenges, either it is the one hand challenge or any other. But in the case of this challenge, the name does not say it all. The crew challenge is out of the ordinary as compared to the other challenge we have seen in the past.

The trend that is the Picrew trend is all about playing with avatars. In this trend, people primarily use the popular website named the Picrew website in order to create their avatars. After making their avatars, they share those avatars on a popular platform that is none other than but Tiktok.  Since it is a bit old trend, so it’s obvious that all of you have already created your character from the popular website named Picrew. As already, you have known what this trend is actually about. The trend is actually about having your own avatar. After creating the avatar, then you will post it on TikTok. After doing that, you will compare the avatar you have made with how you see yourself and how your friends see you. In simple words, the trend actually means to create the avatar and then asking your friends or someone other to make another of your avatar and tell you how they see you.

How to make the video?

By now, we have talked about how we can make the avatars and how to proceed after making the avatars. But now, let’s talk about how to make the video. In this trend, while making the video, you have to combine the two characters that you have, that is, the character that your friends made for you to portray how they see you and the character that you made for yourself to portray how you see yourself. After combining the video, you get a short video from them. After you post the video, you just have to wait for the reviews you received from your followers. The main cool feature of this trend is you can see how your friends see you and if it matches the avatar that you have made for yourself. In other words, you can see how your friends see you and what the differences or similarity between the avatar made by your friends.

So if you love the idea of having your own customized avatars, then I may say that the popular Picrew trend is the perfect one for you. Talking about the trend, it has become a sensation overnight. In all the crew videos you make, you should use the #Picrew. The hashtag has a rank of 100.6million views. And the count is not fixed but is increasing continuously.

How to do the Picrew challenge?

In most of the TikTok videos regarding the Picrew challenge, we can see the creator has used the features that are already provided on the app. But I can say you that the Picrew challenge is much more than that. To start the whole process of making this video, you first need to log in yourself on the Picrew website, which is the Though the style and the language of the website are in Japanese, no need to worry because it is quite easy to create an avatar for yourself. The only thing that makes accessing the website easily is you can just change the language to  English quite easily.

After going to the section where you create your avatar, select the option “Girl Maker” or the other one named “OC Maker.” Out of all the options available, this two are the most popular option that you can use for having your own avatar. After selecting the options available, you will get many more options to customize your avatar in regards to what you like. In your avatar, you can choose to have eye shape, skin complexion, hairstyle, clothes, and other options of your choice. Once you are done selecting the different things for your avatar and making your avatar, you will need to click on the green button, which has a checkmark on it. After that, your avatar will be ready to use. For using the avatar, you need to take a screenshot of the avatar and put it in on your TikTok videos just the way you please.

But just in case you need some other help to create your avatar, you can see the video made by the popular TikToker named Doodohead. In that video, it is clearly explained how you can go through the site with ease. But in this tutorial, you will find a Pi crew avatar that will be made for the couple, not for the single one that you will need or use. In most of the Picrew video, you will find creators portraying the avatar that is made by their friends.

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Anurima Chowdhury is currently pursuing BA in English. She is a huge fan of pop culture and currently writes for OtakuKart as a contributor.

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