Phillip Schofield Partner: Who Is The Television Presenter Married To?

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Phillip Schofield Partner

Phillip is a popular television presenter, and today we’ll talk about Phillip Schofield and his partner. Little did you know that he represented ITV, and he’s currently working as a co-host with ITV. However, his rising popularity attracted many people towards his success. In all these years, many of his fans have had huge interests to know more about his personal life. Moreover, he was born in Oldham, Lancashire, and since a very young age, he was always into the radio. So after writing multiple letters to BBC, he was finally appointed as a Tea Boy in BBC’s radio department.

And guess what? He was one of the youngest workers in London’s BBC Broadcasting house. When he turned 19, he had to move to New Zealand with his family. And there he got his first opportunity wherein he became a part of a children’s show, ‘Shazam’. Moreover, he also went with radio broadcasting in various other places. Phillip got a lot of experience through this and started representing these programs officially as the continuity presenter of BBC. Apart from this, he was also hosting a different magazine award show. He started his career in the early 1980s, and by 1990, he was already working for multiple shows and programs. Moreover, Phillip got married to his long-term girlfriend, Stephanie Lowe. Are they still together? Let’s know more about Phillip Schofield’s partner.

Phillip Schofield Partner

In 1993, Phillip got married to Stephanie Lowe. They were together for a very long time. Moreover, everything was going well at first, but then their story took a different turn. He revealed his sexual orientation after 25 years of marriage. Since then, the media is always interested in Phillip Schofield and his partner. In February 2020, Philip came out as gay, and it’s been a year since then. But even though he talked about his deepest secrets, his wife was very supportive of him. She is happy for her husband, and Stephanie believes that Philip is a very brave guy. At first, everyone thought things were not going well between the couple, but that’s not the case.

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Phillip Schofield Partner
Stephanie Lowe (left) and Phillip Schofield (right)

Moreover, there were numerous speculations about Phillip and Stephanie’s divorce case. But the couple is not ready to separate from each other soon. In an interview with, The Sun, Stephanie stated that she will always love Phillip the way she did in the beginning. Stephanie always wanted the best for him, so from the very first day, she was clear about her stand, and Phillip always knew about this. She held his hand every time. While she was interrogated for her husband’s sudden revelation, Stephanie spoke up and said that everyone should be proud enough to live with their truth.

Recently, it was revealed that the couple bought a house together. Phillip will never leave his wife because together, they’ve built so much, and he needs to be true to Stephanie and his children because they supported him with his decisions. Phillip shared an emotional post through his Instagram handle. There’s no way the couple is going to leave each other anytime soon. Whenever he spoke about his wife, he would always say that Stephanie is a very kind soul. Moreover, on their 28th wedding anniversary, Phillip even gifted a bouquet to his wife. As of now, the couple is on good terms with two beautiful daughters.

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More About Phillip

By the end of 2003, Phillip got multiple offers from the television industry. He represented many different programs like National Lottery Winning Lines in 2004 under BBC One. From there on, he started a full-fledged hosting career with BBC. Because of his successful hosting capabilities, Phillip signed a contract with ITV, and the deal was more than £5 million. He started hosting ITV’s daytime show, ‘The Morning’. But after the sudden death of his father, he had to quit the show halfway.

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Phillip Schofield Partner
Phillip Schofield

From thereon, Phillip started performing in different daytime shows. Apart from this, he was deeply interested in music as well. He even recorded the cover of ‘Close Every Door,’ and guess what? The song reached the 27th rank in the UK singles chart. Recently, on the Morning show, Phil and his companion Holly Willoughby made a blunder wherein the two hosts were not ready to start the show. Since then, the two have been in the public eye. Moreover, there were several other rumors related to a fight between them. But that’s not the case, because both of them have been representing shows together for more than ten years.

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