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Will There Be Penthouse Season 3?

Penthouse Season 3

There are rare Korean dramas that run for more than one season. Almost all of the Korean shows are made up for only one season. The production companies wrap up everything either it be a happy or sad ending in one season of either sixteen or thirty-two episodes. However, Korean shows also go up for more than one season in the most unexpected scenarios when it is either a huge success or people view it more. The Penthouse is one such Korean dramas that are going on for more than one season and will also come for the third season. The Penthouse 3 is already popular and in-demand now that season two is soon coming to an end.

Korean Drama The Penthouse surely caught the eyes of the public from its bullying, teen romance, murders, secrets, and major plot twits. The finale of each episode leaves the fans with jaw-dropping curiosities. No doubt, the drama managed to occupy the eighth rank among the top fifty television series of Korea. Now, let’s get into the details of the upcoming season of the show, The Penthouse Season 3.

The Penthouse Season 3: Renewal Status

The Penthouse Season 3 renewal status is a green light one as we already know. The adaption for the series already took place way back in last year with a huge success rate for the first season. The Penthouse has managed to return for two more seasons after the finale of season one due to its soaring popularity. Season 2 and Season 3 renewal took place at the time. Currently, season two is running and is coming to an end in the last week of March. The Penthouse Season 3’s official renewal took place on November 24, 2020. However, unlike season 1, The Penthouse season 3 will consist only of twelve episodes.

Penthouse Season 3

Casts for The Penthouse Season 3 (Credit: SBS TV)

The Penthouse Season 3: Release Date

The Penthouse Season 3 release date is not officially declared or confirmed until now. However, we can take a slight guess of the release date following some sources and the previous schedules. The Penthouse Season 1 release date was October 26, 2020, and ran until January 5, 2021. The second season release date was February 19, 2021, and will run until April 2, 2o21. Hence there was a minimum of more than one month gap between the airing of season 1 and season 2. Korean Drama The Penthouse season 3 release date may be set up for the second week of May if the same schedule is followed.  The casting for The Penthouse Season 3 will remain the same as its previous seasons.

The Penthouse Season 3: Production

The production or development of The Penthouse Season 3 has not yet begun. Reportedly, The Penthouse Season 3 filming is supposed to begin after a two-week break when season 2 comes to an end. Season 2 is coming to an end on April 2, 2021. Hence, The Penthouse season 3 filming may begin from the third week of April. There are also reports in the second week of March that screenwriter Kim Soon OK has already started writing about the third season.

There will be twelve episodes for The Penthouse Season 3 as revealed earlier. But, it may also get thirteen episodes like season 2. The Penthouse season 2 was also supposed to consist of only twelve episodes but has thirteen episodes. Furthermore, there are reports that there will be a slight change in the airing date. Season 3 will air only one episode every week unlike its previous seasons premiering two episodes every week.

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The Penthouse Season 3: Plotline

The Penthouse Season 3 storyline is still kept under wraps. There is no knowledge or information regarding the same. Moreover, The Penthouse season 2 is still running which makes it impossible for guessing as to what season three will entail. But, the series also tends to leave the viewers with great curiosity and interest. The audience and viewers will also get many surprises and plot twists in The Penthouse season 3 just like all its previous seasons. The Penthouse season 3 may entail all the revelations of Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin. They will receive the punishments of which they are fit. Furthermore, it may also showcase what will happen with all the characters. Everyone has their hands in one or the other for concealing murders, killing someone else, or collaborating for their own personal gains. In the end, every one of them is guilty of something.

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