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‘Peng’ Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Peng Episode 5

Peng Episode 5 will be airing soon, and fans are super hyped about it. After all, who wouldn’t be for a drama that has the beauty and talents of Yoon So Hee, Choi Won Myung, Joo Woo Jae, Lee Seung II, and Kim Hyun Jin all on one screen? Furthermore, Go Sa Ri has won our hearts along with the hearts of these four beautiful men. This show provides the perfect amount of drama, comedy, and romance to keep you hooked. Many working women could relate to Sa Ri’s debate about women being subjected to unnecessary remarks regarding their personal life by coworkers. Although all the four men have stolen our hearts, the fans are slightly more whipped for  CEO Ki Sun Jae. This week, Peng will be releasing its episode 5, which will mark the release of half the episodes.

Go Sa Ri was hoping for a swift and smooth transition into her thirties. But with the arrival of these four men, nothing is going as expected. Furthermore, fans were shocked to know that Go Sa Ri is a divorcee. She kept this fact hidden at work because of all the unnecessary remarks that she would receive. However, she tells all of this to a handsome guy at Han River. Little did she know that this beautiful considerate man was the CEO of her company. If you are interested to find out how things go between Go Sa Ri and Ki Sun Jae, then keep reading this article for all the details regarding Peng Episode 5.

Peng Episode 5 Release Date

This short yet highly interesting Playlist studio drama has fans counting down the days for the release of its next episode. Thankfully Episode 5 of Peng will be released on 21 October. Fans will finally come to know who has been following Go Sa Ri on Thursday. Furthermore, the production company behind Peng is Playlist Studio. After blockbuster dramas like Blue Birthday and Love Buzz, Playlist Studio is experimenting with a web series. This drama is making it super difficult for viewers to choose aside. While at one moment we want her to date the caring childhood best friend Pi Jung Won, CEO Ki Sun Jae comes sweeping us off the floor with his dazzling smile. We all owe a standing ovation to Han Soo Jee. She has managed to come up with such an entertaining storyline in her first gig as a screenwriter.

Make sure you clear your schedule and enjoy Go Sa Ri’s entertaining love life in Peng Episode 5.

Peng Episode 5

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

How to Watch Peng?

This exciting romantic comedy web series consists of a total of ten episodes. Although fans are sad the series is wrapping up so quickly, and we are dying to know who is Go Sa Ri’s other half going to be. As Peng is a web series, it is unfortunately not broadcasted on any cable television networks. But luckily for fans, the latest episodes of Peng are released on Rakuten Viki. Furthermore, Peng Episode 5 will be released on Rakuten Viki on the 20th of October. Additionally, we were first acquainted with Go Sa Ri on the 7th of October. Peng will be available for our entertainment till the 5th of November. Moreover, each episode of Peng wraps up within twenty minutes. This makes it super easy to keep track of what is happening for fans with a busy schedule. Rakuten Viki releases the latest episodes with subtitles in fifteen varying languages.

Now that we have been introduced to all four men, the coming episodes will focus on their relationships. Make sure you do not miss out on Peng Episode 5!

What to Expect from Peng Episode 5?

The coming episodes of Peng will be full of spicy drama. Furthermore, Go Sa Ri’s ex-husband Jeon Woo Sang has not yet processed that they are now divorced. He keeps showing up at Go Sa Ri’s house and keeps calling her. Probably the only character besides the nosy manager that fans hate. Apart from Jeon Woo Sang, the other three-man are beautiful inside out. However, it will be interesting to see how nice they actually are when they have to fight for Go Sa Ri’s love. Our young and fearless Yeon Ha Rim is already catching on to Go Sa Ri’s mood. Furthermore, when Pi Jung Won was told by Jeon Woo Sang to not like Go Sa Ri, the tension can be cut with a knife. Make sure you do not miss out on Peng Episode 5!

Peng Episode 5

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

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