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Peng Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Peng Kdrama Release Date
Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

The super exciting kdrama Peng Episode 3 will be releasing soon. Furthermore, fans are intrigued by the contrasting personalities of all the four men in Go Sa Ri’s life. Will it be the kind childhood best friend Jeong Won? or the chic and successful Key Sun Jae? Fans have their fingers crossed for the charming Yeon Ha Rim. And we all collectively wish that she does not end up with the clingy Jeon Woo Sang. Additionally, Peng is a Korean web series that consists of ten episodes. The drama focuses on Go Sa Ri, who is moving past her confusing twenties and into her thirties. But this proves to be more difficult than she thought when she catches the attention of four men. Furthermore, Peng is a treat for fans of all genres. It has comedy, romance and is also relatable.

This drama consists of a spectacular cast and crew. The screenwriter and directors behind the entertaining storyline of Peng are Han Soo Ji and Baek Min Hee. Although the true show stoppers of Peng are the main cast. Many fans had already added the drama to their must-watch list after the cast lineup was released. The relatable and beautiful Go Sa Ri is being played by Yoon So Hee from After The Show Ends. Furthermore, the four dazzling men in her life are being played by Choi Won Myung, Joo Woo Jae, Lee Seung II, and Kim Hyun Jin. Keep on reading to find out more about Go Sa Ri’s dazzling love interests.

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Peng Episode 3 Release Date

This intriguing Korean web series has won over fans’ hearts with just two episodes. Go Sa Ri’s relatable character and her confusion when four good-looking men start liking her has fans hooked. Moreover, this is Han Soo Jee’s first venture as a writer. She has previously been the director of popular shows A-Teen and Twenty-Twenty. Fans are excited to see what she brings to the table as a writer. Furthermore, Peng Episode 3 release date is 13 October. The release date of this exciting episode falls on a Thursday, so make sure to clear your schedule. Moreover, Peng is getting a lot of appreciation for portraying the criticisms and comments that single women in their thirties get subjected to. After Blue Birthday and Love Buzz, Peng is going to be another great addition to Studio Playlist dramas. So mark your calendars for Peng Episode 3 release date.

Peng Ep 3 Release Date

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

How to watch Peng Episode 3?

If you are curious about this fan favorites show, you can easily watch it on Rakuten Viki. Furthermore, Peng is a South Korean web series, and hence it does not air on television. The good thing about Peng is that it wraps comedy, romance, and drama all in a short twenty minutes episode. This South Korean web series consists of a total of ten episodes. It graced us with its very first episode on 7 October. Thankfully, Peng will be there to serve as our happy pill till 5 November. Also, Peng releases only one episode each week. Whether you are based in South Korea or are an International viewer, Rakuten Viki has got your back. The episodes are released with not just English subtitles but in eleven varying languages.

How to Watch Peng Episode 3?

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

So now you can enjoy watching Go Sa Ri get tangled up with four good-looking men from any corner of the world.

What Went On In The Previous Episodes of Peng?

The series starts with Go Sa Ri fulfilling her dream of becoming a permanent office worker. When her co-workers bring her out to celebrate, her male colleagues start lecturing her about marriage. Although she smiles on the outside, Go Sa Ri thinks about how the superior who was lecturing her was the same age as her. Later, her friends insist that she go clubbing with them to release some stress. At the club, she catches a cute stranger staring at her. Sparks end up flying, and they both end up spending the night together. However, when she gets to know that he is ten years younger, Go Sa Ri regrets getting drunk. Although Go Sa Ri wants to cut off ties, Yeon Ha Rim seems to like her more.

Peng recap

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

When she tells about this whole incident to her childhood best friend, Pi Jung Won, he attentively listens. Pi Jung Won further tells Go Sa Ri to forget about it. They both talk about Go Sa Ri’s ex-boyfriend’s return to Korea. After receiving a ride from Yeon Ha Rim, Go Sa Ri comes home from work to find someone already inside. To her horror, it was her clingy ex-boyfriend Jeon Woo Sang.

Keep on watching Peng to see what new twist life has for Go Sa Ri.

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